Jhanak 8th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Jhanak’s Husband Remains a Mystery

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It makes sense that you wear this saree today since you wore it when you ran away from your wedding day. Bipasha and everyone get Jhanak ready. They talk about Jhanak’s husband. Arshi asks you why you came here with Anirudh, why could your husband let you go, you could have gotten him along with you. Jhanak worries and thinks involving Rahul would not be a good idea. Dadi and Appu come. Dadi says the pandit has arrived. Appu kisses Jhanak and applies a black dot.

She asks Arshi to apply Chandan to Jhanak. Dadi says sindoor daan will happen. She asks Jhanak don’t you have jewellery. She asks Rumi and Mimi to bring imitation jewellery for Jhanak. Jhanak says there is no need. The question is why we will take pictures and need proof that you are married.

I want to move on from here. Dadi asks why, you have a husband, right, you got married. Arshi asks if you are lying. Jhanak says she never lies, and her mother never teaches her. Arshi asks what you will do knowing it since we’re ordinary people. Arshi says I want to hear about your husband.

We are related, so you can’t go empty-handed, Arshi says. Tanha sad il hai…plays… Jhanak gets ready. Appu sees her and says wow, what a beautiful bride! I wish she were coming into our house. Bipasha scolds her, and Arshi becomes upset. They all leave.

Dadi asks Pandit to start, and Chotan compliments Jhanak. Pandit asks where her husband is. Dadi says yes, call him. Jhanak cries. Anirudh downloads a voice-changing app. Arshi says Anirudh should be here today. Tanuja says he has gone to the office for an imp meeting. Lal says he doesn’t have work here. Anjana asks Jhanak not to cry. Arshi says to make a call after rasam completes. Bipasha says to ask your husband to start the video; we’ll record it. Tanuja says to call him as soon as possible.

Upon asking about Shrishti, Arshi says she will come and wants to find out who Jhanak’s husband is. Jhanak answers the call. Anirudh speaks to her. The rasam has ended, but Bipasha says yes, come on a video call, we want to see you. Anirudh is concerned.

He sits in darkness and hides his face from all of them. Arshi tells him to show his face, but Anirudh says he cannot. My life is in danger. You can make me chant mantras or ask me anything, but I cannot show my face. Arshi asks if you hid your face when you were married. He says I am not a thief, I cannot tell my name, some people are after me, if they know me, they will reach Jhanak also, I don’t have time, I am doing this for Jhanak.

Anirudh repeats the mantras after the pandit. Jhanak thinks this isn’t right. Shrishti comes. Tanuja says welcome, the marriage has just begun. Appu says ask him to show his face. Anirudh says fine, I’ll show my face after rasam is finished. I will get sad, but Jhanak will get happy. Anirudh says I will take her when the time is right, but my life is in danger, and the situation isn’t safe, but Jhanak is safe with you all.

Bipasha asks when you will take her. He says very soon. Arshi says you can come here. He says no, I am helpless, I can’t keep her along or bring her to Jhanak.


Tejas says you have to become mine. Jhanak comes to Anirudh. He tells her not to worry. She asks what he will do. Tejas has pictures of that night. She leaves.

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