Pandya Store 20th November 2023: Natasha’s Risky Plan to Rescue Isha Goes Awry

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 20th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

In the episode, Natasha calls everyone. Isha tells her not to call Amrish. Natasha thinks there is something wrong. She recalls the masked men. She wonders how we can take Isha home. Amba hides the jewellery beneath the carpet. She says thieves keep people safe until they get the jewellery. The sword cuts Dhawal’s hand as the goons look for her.

As the Makwana brothers fight, Dhawal and Chirag joke. Chiku says we’re ready to call Natasha. Suman calls him. He says the cleaning is done. Get Chutki. He says come fast. The masked men came and seized Chutki and Isha, and they locked me in a room. He says what, I’m coming.

Hetal asks Natasha what happened. Natasha tells Hetal everything. She says we must do plan B now and take Isha with us. Isha asks what you are doing. Natasha says I’m trying to find a middle path. They take Isha along. Natasha says my problems are getting worse. Makhwanas fight the goons. Golmaal…plays…

Isha runs away after being taken to the car by Dolly, Hetal and Pranali. They find her and catch her. Amba asks Chabeli to stop Golu at Srivastav’s home and ask him to call the police. The goons see them. Amba says I am unaware of the jewellery. Isha calls for help. Natasha asks them to stop. They leave in the car. Chiku stops Natasha.

As Amrish falls, his brothers save him. He gets up to fight. Chiku asks what’s going on. Natasha says we have to follow the car. Suman comes. Natasha worries. They all hire a cab to follow the vehicle. Suman says Mittu is running. Catch him. Goons get Amba and say we didn’t get the jewellery. Dhawal says, “Get back, she’s my mother.”

Dhawal fights them. Hetal and everyone gets Isha home. Isha says no, I won’t go to Makhwana’s house. They take her home. Amrish ties up the goons. Amba, thanks, Somnath. Suman and everyone arrive. Chiku asks why they took her to Makhwana’s house. Natasha says I don’t know. Dhawal said the goons also entered the house, so why do you ask me that? Isha says leave me alone.

Amba hugs her sons. Suman says Natasha is planning something, which creates much tension for me. Come. They go inside to see. Dolly asks what we will tell inside. Natasha isn’t here. Hetal says I don’t know, and I will take Isha and leave her. I’ll lock myself up. Isha hears them and runs. Pranali says Natasha is at fault now. Isha stops when she sees a goon enter the house.

Isha hears that Amrish has asked Dhawal to take Amba because her life is in danger. Natasha asks Hetal where did Isha go. Hetal replies that Isha has run away. Natasha asks what, she has run away. Hetal says that the goons are entering the house. Chiku sees Isha running and asks Shesh and Mittu to be with Suman. He chases after her.

Goons catch Dhawal and Amba. Makhwanas fight again. Natasha enters. Hetal, Pranali and Dolly come after her. Hetal, Pranali and Dolly follow her. Amrish says Natasha be careful, the goons are behind you. He asks are these people with you, is this your plan, will you steal the jewellery if you don’t get a job, and how can you get so low? Hetal says it’s hurting. She removes her mask. Amrish is shocked to see Hetal. Pranali and Dolly also remove their masks, which shocks everyone.

Amrish scolds them. Natasha says the drama is half done. He asks what’s left now. Chiku stops Isha. He asks where you are going and what’s going on. She says I don’t have time, thieves are inside, turn off the lights. He asks how do you know about this house. She says common sense, and the main switch is outside the home. He says fine. I should turn off the lights; she doesn’t want people to see my face.

Bhaven asks what is happening. Goons arrive. Amrish asks if they’re with you. Natasha says no. Dhawal says we’ll punish them. They beat the goons. Natasha says we only need to tell them I have the jewellery and lock them in the room. She runs. Hetal says the girl has the jewellery upstairs. Chiku turns off the lights.

Hetal says Natasha has the jewellery. Goons run upstairs. Chiku says there is something wrong, and we should go in. Makhwanas are in danger. Isha agrees. Pranali says Pranali, we must light the Diwali diyas; otherwise, anyone will be hurt in the darkness. They light the diyas. Isha arrives at the door and says, “I don’t think I can go in. What do I do?”


Amrish shouts at Isha. Natasha says I got her here. Amrish says she isn’t our sister. Isha weeps.

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