Jhanak 18th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Anirudh Faces New Challenges

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In the episode, Arshi says Tejas won’t sit quietly anymore. Are you ready to fight him? You have enmity with a big man, and you haven’t even thought about your family or myself. He apologizes to everyone. He says he knows what he’s doing and knows Tejas is mighty, and if necessary, he will fight. Arshi asks Jhanak what she has planned for the future, as it’s getting harder for us to handle the shocks.

My insecurities are your problem, not mine, and you should ask Anirudh about it, don’t join our names together, I don’t have any interest in him. Jhanak says I also feel suffocated. You should understand this, Anirudh got me back, I know myself, I’m not the kind of girl who would trap someone’s fiancé. It’s morning. Anirudh’s boss meets with Arshi and asks her to join him for the cultural event. She asks him to meet Shrishti and talk to her. He says the entire office awaits you both.

Anirudh says Mr. Shah is my senior vice president. Mr. Shah says I know you’re busy, but if Arshi and you perform in the event, then it’ll be a good thing. Shrishti says we cannot perform, you should have taken an appointment three months ago. He says yes, Anirudh told me, we just came to try, we’re ready to pay the fee.

From next week, we will be busy with marriage functions, so you’ll get an answer by tomorrow. She says it’s not about money but time. Arshi asks Anirudh to stay back for a talk. Mr. Shah says we’ll meet at the office. He leaves. Shrishti asks Anirudh about his plans for Jhanak. Anirudh says Tejas has taken Jhanak back, so what can I do?

Shrishti says you worry about Jhanak. You are a good person, but she is Arshi’s cousin, and I am her Maasi. He says yes. She asked for Jhanak’s husband’s phone number so I could contact him. He worries. Your uncle has good contacts so that he can get a job, she says. He worries.

He inquires about how he will leave his family to come here. She reminds him that Jhanak is part of his family and advises him not to stress about it. She then asks for his contact information, to which he apologizes and explains that Jhanak calls from different numbers, so he does not have her number saved. Arshi suggests getting the number from Jhanak directly, while Shrishti points out that either Jhanak must come or go to her. Arshi mentions that Anirudh has forbidden Jhanak from leaving, and he justifies his actions by claiming to have protected her from danger. However, Shrishti reminds him that the law still applies, and as Tejas is married, Jhanak should stay with her husband. He becomes anxious as he realizes the web of lies he has gotten tangled in and wonders what action he should take next.

As soon as he comes home, he gives Jhanak a number. He says Shrishti and Arshi will ask your husband’s number, you give them this number, it will be okay once Tejas’s risk is low. Your family will imprison me when this lie ends. I told lies, I will go to jail, don’t worry, I was helpless to do it. She asks why, who made you helpless, I was going. He says I won’t let you go until I am alive.

She inquires about when I became more important than your own life. He insists that he cannot allow her to make this mistake, as it could potentially end her life. She reassures him that it’s okay. She would have been willing to die for him. She expresses how much he cares for her, unlike his family. He explains that he has no control over their thoughts and asks her to keep his number and give it to them if they ask. However, she refuses, not wanting to be put in that situation. He pleads with her, promising everything will change once she performs at his office event. But she rejects the notion, claiming that nothing will change and it will become a problem when nobody answers their inquiries.

He says the call will be taken. She says you are playing with fire, and you will burn. He says fire burns but learns living, I have befriended the fire, I told everyone you were taking part in my office event. She says no, I won’t come. He says I have a right to you because I risked your life to save you. She says, but what about my wish? You were going with Tejas, so I saw your wishes. If Chotan wasn’t there, then you…. you listen to me; you don’t know you’re good. Just follow me.

She says we came to give Arshi and her parents the first card. She asks the servant to keep the sweets inside. She asks Jhanak where she is. Arshi sees Jhanak in the kitchen. Anjana calls her. Jhanak arrives. Shrishti requests her husband’s number from Jhanak. Anirudh greets them as well.


Jhanak refuses to sign the papers. He says your life can change overnight. She asks why I should dance. He says because I want to. She signs the papers. Bipasha says Jhanak… Arshi says it is impossible, and I won’t perform if Jhanak does.

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