Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain S 1 Episode 5 dated 16th Jan 2009

Akshara and Naitik

Shaurya and Alok fight

The breaks breaks down while they are on thier way to the picnic.  One of the girls Kavita holds Shaurya’s hand and asks him to make some alternate arrangements because they dont want to cancel their picnic plans.  Varsha gets angry and Akshara is confused seeing her reaction.  Alok and his friend are following the picnickers on their bike.

Akshara is with her camera walking around taking videos.  Alok spots her and follows her around.  Akshara gets scared seeing Alok and screams.  Varsha and Shaurya run to search for her on hearing her scream.  Akshara convinces Alok that they cannot be friends because her family does not like it.  She trips on a stone and loses her balance and Alok helps here.  Just then Shaurya comes and misunderstands the whole situation.  Shaurya hits Alok and warns him not co come to close to her anytime.

Rajshri reprimands both the girls when they come home.

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