Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th January 2024: Abhira Faces Dadi’s Wrath and Academic Challenges

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The episode starts with Dadi shouting at Abhira. She asks how dare you catch Armaan’s collar? Armaan says Dadisa, Abhira… Dadi says no, don’t say a word. She tells her congrats, you’re already a lousy bahu, and now you’re a terrible wife. We should deal with it as husband and wife. Vidya asks if we should wait for them to fight on the road. Sanjay says she’ll insult Armaan on the road and destroy this family. Abhira tears.

Manish and Surekha are discussing the situation concerning Abhira when Armaan suddenly video calls Surekha. He questions her about the incident where Abhira’s file was burned. Manish quickly apologizes to Armaan, while Surekha speculates that Abhira may have told him about it. Concerned, Armaan mentions that missing a vital exam could impact Abhira’s career. Surekha admits it was a mistake and explains that she was angry with Abhira because of Ruhi’s actions. She reminds everyone present about how they all witnessed the injustice being done to Abhira. Manish regrets his actions and assures that they will all apologize to Abhira for what happened.

Armaan firmly declines, expressing concern that something unjust has happened to the person in question. Surekha suggests taking action by protesting at her college or writing an apology on a board, but Armaan believes simply conveying regret is enough. Surekha then points out that the person’s career and their deceased mother’s aspirations have been ruined, leading Ruhi to angrily intervene and condemn Armaan for mentioning a particular name. He tries to soothe her and reminds her of the individual’s dream, but Ruhi rejects his reasoning and hangs up. Suwarna watches with a smile.

Armaan reminisces about Ruhi, pondering on ways to bring her back. Manisha points out how the daughters-in-law of this house always seem to be in a state of worry. Manoj mentions Abhira’s concerns. Charu inquires about Ruhi’s situation. Vidya reassures that Armaan will find a way to reunite with Ruhi. Krish remarks on the ongoing issues revolving around Abhira. Vidya raises her voice in frustration. Madhav agrees with Krish’s observation. Kajal acknowledges Abhira’s mistakes and Ruhi’s role in holding the family together. Aryan expresses his concern over Abhira missing an exam and potentially wasting a semester. Sanjay comments that they didn’t have to interfere and that Abhira’s plans were foiled. Dadi shares words of hope that even clipped wings can fly again. In tears, Abhira turns to Akshara’s photo for comfort and solace.

Armaan notices that Ruhi is not responding to his attempts to communicate. She expresses her frustration by questioning why Abhira is being given more importance than her, no matter what the circumstances are. The picture frame accidentally falls and shatters, prompting Abhira to pick up the broken glass and apologize for being unable to handle things. Armaan assures that he will continue to reach out to Ruhi until she responds. He calls, but Ruhi rejects it upon hearing Abhira’s name mentioned. Feeling upset, she breaks down in tears.

He stops Abhira and reassures her not to get upset; the frame will be fixed. She expresses doubt in his ability to do so. A heated argument ensues before he questions her about fulfilling her mother’s dream and being Akshara Mam’s daughter. He advises her to stop wasting time crying and instead focus on redoing the assignment. Despite her doubts, he urges her to try again and not give up until the very end in court. He encourages her to learn how to turn wrongs into rights and redo the assignment. Ruhi had hoped for him to come to take her, but now it was time to unpack her suitcase.

Ruhi reads Armaan’s message: Abhira would get hurt, so I had to end the call. Ruhi asks about Abhira. She says Armaan went offline, possibly he slept.

Abhira stops her teacher and says, “I will not move. Please accept my assignment.” The lady scolds her. Abhira says, “I want to become a lawyer and make my mumma’s name shine.” Please take my assignment; you can fail me if you like. Check it once.” The lady says, “I am so sorry to ruin your mood, but my life will get ruined.” The lady tells her to leave my way, or else I will expel you.” Armaan shows up with some books. Abhira holds him and gets behind.

While shopping, Ruhi remembers Armaan’s words. They play the spin-the-wheel game. Ruhi gets better luck next time. Surekha says you have bad luck now. Armaan says you can ask any three questions from these syllabus books, if Abhira doesn’t answer any question, you can fail her in the prelims. It’s about a talented and hardworking student’s career so that you can fail her. She says fine. She asks Abhira the questions. Abhira answers. Armaan smiles. She thinks of how to answer the last question.


As Abhira says, Armaan has always supported me. Armaan asks Ruhi to come home. She takes flowers for him. She sees Armaan hugging Ruhi and gets shocked.

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