Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th June 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th June 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Abhinav seeing Akshara and Abhimanyu. He gets sad. Neela asks what’s wrong, tell me, I don’t like your silence. He says don’t know but I don’t find anything good, fate is trying to explain me something and I am not understanding it like a rigid boy, but what is destined will happen. Neela says I don’t understand everything. I’m assuming it’s my world and trying to handle it. It’s not mine. I’m making a big mistake.

When Akshara comes, she asks you what you did wrong. Neela says you explain him to him, he thinks something is missing. She leaves. She says I told you, we will do everything together, you called tension to you, you like it more than me, I will get jealous. He hugs her tightly. Everyone is happy, trust me, it will be alright.

Counting the money, Dev says 15000 rupees. Muskaan says I’ll give you the remaining amount. He says I heard your in-laws are rich, so get some money, I think your marriage might break if I come home. She says I’ll get the money in a few minutes. He says fine, I’ll give you until tomorrow. Abhimanyu looks at him and wonders who the man with Muskaan is. Muskaan asks how he can earn 35000 rupees a day.

Dev instructs her to sell the jewellery and retrieve it, but she expresses hesitation. Upon getting out of the car, he departs, while she encounters Abhimanyu. He inquires about their encounter and its significance. She dismisses it as a non-issue, introducing him as Meena’s brother, and suggests they head home where everyone must be anxiously awaiting them. He ponders about this mysterious individual. Meanwhile, Aarohi and Ruhi are playing together, observed by Manjiri who recalls Shefali’s words. She reflects on her role as Ruhi’s grandmother and wonders why she hasn’t given much thought to her granddaughter. A flashback of Aarohi’s conversation comes to mind, causing her to acknowledge the complicated web of lives intertwined in this situation. As such, she worries that Aarohi may reject Abhir’s place within the family.

Abhinav serves tea to everyone and catches Aarohi’s eye. He appears distracted. Dadi notices and calls him over to check the guest list. Smiling, he offers to make her a cup. As they head outside, Aarohi comments on Abhinav’s demeanor and Akshara explains that he is feeling the pressure as the bride’s brother. His mood has been affected by Mama ji’s blessings for Abhimanyu and Akshara, which may have caused him some hurt. Aarohi reminds her that Abhinav’s greatest assets are his wife and child – their presence gives him strength but also makes him vulnerable. This family is everything to him, so any cracks within it would be devastating for him emotionally.

Akshara believes her love will always remain strong. She mentions that Abhinav has accepted their complicated relationship and is very considerate towards others. She admits that she is a little afraid that he may give his happiness to someone else when he finds out about his biological father. Aarohi points out how fortunate he is to have two fathers, unlike Ruhi who doesn’t even have the love of one father. Akshara is glad that both of Abhinav’s fathers are present at their wedding. As Abhinav struggles with a stuck kurta, Akshara comes to his aid and accidentally tears it. Despite this, she smiles and assures him not to worry about it. He worries about not being able to return the kurta as Neela thinks he has gained weight. Akshara tells him to forget about it and playfully calls him “cutoo” (cutie).

“He says I have nothing appropriate for tomorrow. She offers to stitch this instead. He points out our lack of time. She reminds him that he has already worn a kurta during puja. She then retrieves her saree. He questions whether he should wear a saree too. She confirms that she will be wearing it. He wonders why she would choose an old saree to wear. She suggests that we could coordinate our outfits as a couple and add some style, adding that I called him cute but received no praise in return, only tea service. He questions how he should praise her, saying it would be easier if she were less beautiful and admits to being at a loss for words now. She feels it’s too much and hugs him, but he doesn’t reciprocate.”

Neela offers the jewellery to Muskaan, who declines. In response, Neela threatens to slap her. Muskaan turns to Akshara for an explanation, and Akshara reveals that Neela had been eagerly anticipating this day and had specifically crafted the jewellery for her with loving intentions. Despite Muskaan’s objections about taking away her parents’ savings, Akshara insists that the jewellery is a symbol of their love and hopes that it will serve as a reminder of them when Muskaan leaves for her new home. However, Muskaan maintains that she doesn’t need the jewellery to remember her family. As Neela embraces both of them, Muskaan receives a message from Dev. Though she feels obligated to give him money, she cannot bring herself to sell the jewellery. Understanding her hesitation, Neela asks Muskaan to keep the jewellery safe before leaving.


Ruhi says your dad is here and you will shout the same way. They come to Abhimanyu. Abhir thinks doc man is my dad.


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