Pukaar Dil Se Dil Tak 3rd July 2024 Written Episode Update: Vedika’s Determination for Justice

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Vedika mentions that warm clothes are usually kept on the top shelves. Sagar responds that he checked there but couldn’t find any. Vedika offers to help, but Sagar interrupts before she can start looking to say that he has seen them. Just as they are about to cover Saraswathi with a warm sheet, Kamal calls for Sagar and leaves the room. Vedika and Koyal place the sheet over Saraswathi while Vedika recalls her promise to Yamini and Jhanvi about untying the knot upon their return. Koyal texts her mother, informing her that they will be delayed. Meanwhile, Vedika ponders about Dayal Singh’s death and asks for a moment alone. As she turns, she accidentally collides with Sagar, who mentions the post-mortem report. He then invites Miss Sharma to join him as they walk away.

When Rajeshwari praises Digvijay for her success, he removes the alcohol, as now they won’t be suspected of anything. Digvijay asks if he can even make her a drink. As Rajeshwari Neiti indicates, one should not be controlled by anything but oneself. Saraswathi returns to their control once again, and now that Vedika is unable to do anything, this is referred to as Rajeshwari Neiti.

Sagar leads Vedika to the room, and she immediately questions his reason for bringing her there. He responds, saying he wants to reveal the truth she has been hiding in her heart. It was crucial for Vedika as she wished Dayal Singh to confess everything in front of Saraswathi. Despite losing the case, it was still a significant achievement for Vedika’s career. However, she begins to get emotional, and Sagar holds her tightly. Initially hesitant, Sagar eventually embraces her as Vedika struggles to contain her emotions. She tearfully revealed that she had promised to free Dayal Singh and even assured Sudha Ji that her husband would return to her. Sadly, it was because of Vedika’s actions that he is no longer alive.

Sagar expresses remorse that she has to endure this, but he has learned not to hold onto others’ pain. Vedika responds that she is unsure of Sudha Ji’s fate. As Vedika realizes she is still embracing Sagar, she quickly apologizes and explains that she should not cry in front of a client. Sagar remarks that it is challenging to find a lawyer with such compassion. He believes true strength involves understanding the struggles of others rather than being emotionally distant. He credits his aunt and Jhanvi for teaching him this valuable lesson.

Sagar hands Koyal a glass of water, reassuring her that it would calm her down and give her strength to win the case. He realizes that Chachi’s presence keeps him from leaving, as Koyal is on the phone with her momsi discussing the situation. Mauri then takes the phone and asks why Koyal can’t see that she is making friends with wealthy people. Koyal explains that Saraswathi needs her help and asks how Momsi learned about Dayal Singh’s death.

Mauri insists that Koyal accompany her, but Koyal explains that she must assist Saraswathi aunt and Vedika. Mauri argues that they should disregard them, but Koyal points out that Vedika is like a sister to her. Mauri declares that they have become a crucial part of her life, but Koyal feels frustrated with constantly stealing and aspires to emulate Vedika’s genuine care for others. She receives a text informing her that Saraswathi aunt is now conscious, prompting her to suggest that her mother return home while she joins later. Mauri vows to teach Vedika a lesson in response.

Saraswathi recalls that Dayal was about to reveal the mastermind behind everything before he was tragically hit by a car. She checks with Rajeshwari to see if she remembers the incident and tries to sit up. Koyal and Sagar step in to assist her. Saraswathi reminds them that she had suspected foul play twenty years ago, and now, just two hours prior, Gautham has been appointed as Chairman, followed by this accident. Rajeshwari questions why Saraswathi went to the scene, but Saraswathi dismisses it, stating that Dayal himself admitted to being paid a hefty sum for his actions.

Rajeshwari says her heart has accepted Gautham is no more, and Saraswathi must do the same; she will suffer the pain as long as she remembers it. Sagar wonders where Vedika has gone as she needs to be with Chachi. Vedika knocks on the door, and everyone is shocked to see her. Rajeshwari demands that she leave now, but Vedika replies she wants to talk to Saraswathi aunty and once again asks,

Saraswathi becomes emotional as Rajeshwari attempts to caution her. However, she invites Vedika inside and confronts her, expressing anger towards Saraswathi. After realizing the true intentions behind Vedika’s request for her to meet Dayal, Saraswathi apologizes for not understanding earlier. She thanked Vedika for being the only one to believe her when others didn’t. Vedika questions if Saraswathi doubts Dayal’s honesty, but Rajeshwari confirms it is evident. Addressing Rajeshwari respectfully as “mam,” Vedika inquires if she genuinely believes Dayal uncle was deceitful.

After Saraswathi explains she doesn’t feel comfortable speaking up, Vedika urges her to find the courage to do so. She reminds her that staying silent will only harm three people: her late husband Gautham, who wanted to confess the truth and rid himself of guilt; Dayal, who may have been mistakenly perceived as playing with Saraswathi’s emotions when he was trying to reveal the truth; and ultimately, herself. Vedika shares that even though she has no personal connection with Saraswathi, she sees her as a kind stranger who believes in her. If Saraswathi can’t stand up for herself, it would cause restlessness for Dayal Ji, too, who passed away while trying to protect her.

Vedika inquires about Saraswathi’s plans to fight for Dayal Ji’s justice. Rajeshwari interjects, urging her not to heed Vedika’s words as they cannot afford to lose her. She adds that if Gautham questioned why she didn’t take care of Saraswathi, what would she say? Digvijay echoes his mother’s sentiment. Vedika points out that Gautham could also ask their lack of action after learning about the murder. Rajeshwari acknowledges the importance of seeking justice but reminds them to consider the conditions. Vedika persists, stating that this will be her final attempt at getting support from Saraswathi. Upon seeing her family’s reaction, Saraswathi holds Vedika’s hand, bringing relief and a smile to Vedika’s. Finally, Saraswathi assures her that she stands by her side.


When the inspector asks Saraswathi if she intends to reopen the case of her deceased husband, Rajeshwari thinks something needs to be done about this girl. Vedika calls Sagar and tells him that Dayal’s confession is in her office, and Rajeshwari holds the file, saying it is called Rajeshwari Neiti, Vedika mentions it is called overconfidence.

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