Main Hoon Saath Tere 14th May 2024 Update: Aryaman Saves Janvi, Pushkar Suspicious!

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 14th May 2024 Written Episode Update on

Then Kian tells Aryaman that some goons attacked Janvi, saying she witnessed Brij Bhushan getting shot. Aryaman realizes Janvi seen the shooting and promises to come as soon as possible.

While trying to escape, Janvi grabs a chilli and throws it in the goons’ eyes. But they hit her with a vase. They attack her, but Aryaman arrives and fights them. One of the goons hits Aryaman. He asks them why they shot Brij Bhushan. Kian thinks Aryaman handled everything and faints, so Janvi worries about him. Aryaman stops pursuing the goons to care for Kian as the goons flee.

The doctor checks Kian and says he hasn’t eaten, advising him to eat. Janvi goes to cook for Kian. Kian thanks Aryaman for saving them and asks him to stay as the goons may return. Aryaman asks Janvi if he can wait, but she says it isn’t possible. Aryaman insists, but Janvi refuses because of her strict landlord and son.

Janvi insists she’s a good mother, and Aryaman comments about her. She gives Aryaman money for medical expenses and Kian’s food. After seeing Aryaman’s injury, she bandages it. Aryaman suspects that Janvi is involved in the attack since she is uninjured. Murali asks Janvi to go. Aryaman insists that Kian stay and Murali agrees if he shows his certificates. Kian agrees.

In response to her question, Janvi tells Kian he is fasting to find her a good husband. She asks Aryaman to leave after Kian promises to live for her and makes him promise not to fast again. Aryaman displays his mark sheets to Janvi. Dadaji asks Murali why Aryaman needs his certificates. Murali doesn’t know and mentions Aryaman also requested a doctor. Dadaji checks.

Pushkar comes, and Janvi hides Aryaman. He tells Janvi Dadi that he needs dental treatment. Janvi promises to pay in two days. Pushkar insults Janvi, Kian, and Aryaman hide. Aryaman faces Pushkar.


Kian’s friend says I would like to become a champion quickly. Kian says only Arayaman can help you become a champion early. He asks him to take him to Aryaman. When the kid sees Arayaman, he shouts Mamu. Raina becomes tense when she sees her child. Seeing a kid call Aryaman his mamu shocks Janvi.

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