Pukaar Dil Se Dil Tak 28th May 2024 Written Episode: Rageshwari’s Devious Plan Backfires in Fatal Accident

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Rageshwari says that the board of directors has given Gautham, Saraswati, and his daughters the entire business, but Gautham replies that it’s just a title, and she, together with Digvijay, are the real owners. When Rageshwari says that they want something from them, Gautham replies that she can just demand and even order them to take their lives. Rageshwari replies that she will indeed request their lives, and both of them are shocked.

Rageshwari inquires about their sense of humour, clarifying that she is referring to their daughter. She then takes her nephew and daughter to the Mandir, where she picks up a pot and explains its significance. She expresses her desire to give this pot to Jhanvi as a symbol of acceptance into their family and Sagar’s life. Rageshwari also mentions her hope for them to get married in the future. Gautham advises Saraswati not to discuss this with their mother yet, as they will wait for the children to make their own decisions when they are older.

Rageshwari says she isn’t making the decision but just presenting her point of view. Who can make the decision for sure? Jhanvi glances at her parents before picking the pot as Saraswati signals her to take Rageshwari’s blessing. Then Sagar, and both Yamini and Jhanvi run away with Sagar. Digvijay left without saying anything, Gautham plans to speak with her, but Rageshwari thinks he might have received a call, so they shouldn’t worry. Then Gautham leaves with Saraswati, as well.

Sagar is running with the red balloon when he wishes Jhanvi a happy birthday, and Yamini asks why Sagar did not give her a present, indicating that he does not consider her one of his friends. After forcing Yamini to close her eyes, Sagar presents a chocolate to her. She says it’s her favourite chocolate when Sagar asks Jhanvi not to be angry with him while he promises to take care of Yamini, so they promise to stay together.

Saraswati voices her suspicion to Gautham that Digvijay may not have approved of the board’s decisions and suggests he discuss it with them. Sagar then pleads with Saraswati to allow Jhanvi and Yamini to stay, but she declines. He then proposes taking Sagar along, and Saraswati agrees; however, Rageshwari interjects that giving in to children’s desires is not wise. Despite Sagar’s attempts to persuade her otherwise, Rageshwari insists on separating him from Jhanvi before they depart.

According to Digvijay, Gautham lacks the authority to support him but will now take charge of the company. As a result, Kamal must step up for him. Pandit Ji cautions Rageshwari that events are unfolding as he predicted, but they may have negative consequences. However, Rageshwari reassures him that her son would never do anything. When Rageshwari enters the room, she asks if Digvijay did what she was afraid of. He responds by sharing that Kamal will soon arrive after finishing his tasks.

Rageshwari handled the problem so she arranged for Sagar and Jhanvi to marry to keep the business in her family’s hands. When Digvijay says Kamal is a loyal pet who will indeed work to fulfil his order, Kamal chases Gautham while driving with his entire family. Rageshwari orders Digvijay to call Kamal, but Kamal does not answer the phone.

Gautham wanted to snatch his turban, but Digvijay said he was a fool for thinking he would stay there. Digvijay asked Rageshwari to wait as the news of Gautham’s death would come very soon, and Rageshwari sat down after becoming emotional. Saraswati smiles as Jhanvi asks Yamini to hold the balloon for a while.

Digvijay counts backwards from one hundred, while Kamal follows Gautham and his family. Gautham says they were both born at the same time five years ago, and Jhanvi says their mother went alone when Gautham replies that indeed their mother is a super hero and does not need anyone else, however Saraswati and the children claim they need him. Kamal is about to strike the car from behind before stopping the car and then says he can’t do it.

While driving the car, Gautham shares with Saraswati that he feels like he has lost everything. This causes her to become emotional. Meanwhile, Jhanvi steps out of the car to enjoy the fresh air, and Yamini is busy indulging in a chocolate bar that has completely covered her face. Unfortunately, Gautham becomes distracted and ends up getting hit by another car. Despite Digvijay still counting, Gautham attempts to regain control of the vehicle. However, before Digvijay can finish counting, he sadly reveals that Gautham and his entire family have died in the accident. The car is now completely demolished, and an unconscious and bruised Saraswati lies on the road while Kamal looks on in shock.

Gautham has sustained severe injuries, prompting Kamal to rush to the crash site. Upon arrival, he is shocked to see Saraswati there. Gautham apologizes and reveals that he was following orders from Digvijay but insists that he is not the killer. As Kamal approaches Saraswati, he becomes emotional. However, he realizes the daughters are missing after opening the back seat. Remembering Digvijay’s instruction to eliminate all witnesses, Kamal frantically searches for the girls without realizing that Saraswati is still alive. In shock, Kamal considers his next move and notices a large rock nearby. He gathers all his strength and prepares to lift it.

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