Main Hoon Saath Tere 9th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Aryaman and Muralidhar’s Identity Swap

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 9th May 2024 Written Episode Update on

Muralidhar, Aryaman’s friend, is mistaken for Aryaman and is greeted by the General Manager (GM). Aryaman feels relieved. The GM apologizes for not properly welcoming Muralidhar. He then calls Janvi and converses with Muralidhar. As Aryaman hides Kian behind a plant pot, Aryaman gives Muralidhar flowers. Janvi tells the GM he’s a trainee applicant she hasn’t finalized yet. Aryaman receives Muralidhar’s signal and suggests the GM finalize “Aryaman” (Aryaman acting as Muralidhar). The GM agrees and finalizes Aryaman. Aryaman then discreetly informs Janvi that Kian is hiding behind a plant pot.

As Muralidhar questions Aryaman about Ujwala’s request, Aryaman explains Ujwala’s plan to Muralidhar and reveals his mission to find Brij Bhushan’s attacker. Initially hesitant, Muralidhar agrees to help after Aryaman reminds him of their childhood friendship. As a result, Aryaman becomes Muralidhar.

“Murali” (Aryaman as Muralidhar) is so friendly with a trainee that Janvi questions why. Upon explaining their friendship, Aryaman suggests that Janvi call him “Murali.” After commenting about Aryaman to “Murali,” he asks Janvi if she will share her coffee with Brij Bhushan’s son, which causes Janvi to leave.

The Aryaman tells Muralidhar that he pretended to know Janvi to teach her something. Murali calls Janvi, and Aryaman answers. Janvi asks Murali to forget about the coffee incident, which he agrees to. The next day, Janvi wakes up late and rushes to get ready with Kian. They leave the house. Dadi visits them. Janvi reminds her of the people coming to Ritu’s wedding. Dadi assures her he will handle it.

Raina boasts about her son’s cricket skills with her friends at the cricket academy. Prince admits he wasn’t batting and was bowled by Kian. Raina praises Kian’s talent and decides to speak with the coach. Janvi can’t locate Aryaman for the inspection, so she goes alone and finds him sleeping in the hotel suite.


Daddy asks the lady if we liked Ritu, too. She says we also liked Janvi. Ritu gets excited. The lady says, but the kid will not come with her; he will stay with his father. Pushkar interrupts and says sarcastically that they don’t know about the father. She is shocked and says her child is illegitimate.

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