Kumkum Bhagya 7th March 2024 Written Episode Update: RV and Poorvi’s Honeymoon Tension

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Kumkum Bhagya 7th March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

During the episode, Monisha apologizes to RV for getting so angry. She says she was upset, but she is now completely fine. He says come out. Monisha says let’s go out, and she gets angry with Poorvi. What about Dadu? Why don’t you tell him she isn’t your wife and you don’t care about her? RV tells Monisha that he is going to Shimla. Monisha says you had refused. RV says I have agreed. Monisha says excellent, have a great time. Diya and Prachi come over for shopping.

Upon entering the store, Prachi immediately approaches the manager with a request to see some woollen clothes for her daughter. While speaking, she accidentally drops her phone. Nearby, a young girl kindly picked it up and returned it to Prachi. After thanking the girl, Prachi continues on her way. The young girl then turns to the manager and asks if they have any chunari suitable for marriage. The manager assures her that she has come to the right place. Meanwhile, Diya calls Dadi, but Yug answers, and they argue. Eventually, Dadi takes over the call, and Diya expresses concern about Poorvi not answering her calls. Dadi explains that Poorvi is busy packing and encourages Diya to speak with Poorvi directly about any issues with RV.

RV interrupts Monisha, expressing concern that she may get into an accident. However, he assures her that she should focus on the road and their journey to Shimla instead of worrying. Monisha then turns away but is soon joined by Poorvi. Monisha questions RV about his love for her, to which he responds affirmatively. She then asks him to promise that he won’t go on their honeymoon trip. However, Poorvi overhears and walks away. Monisha pleads with RV to listen and thanks him before telling him to do as he wishes.

According to Poorvi, Monisha asked RV if he loved her and if he would cancel his honeymoon. According to her, she is here because of Diya. Diya asks Dadi if they fought. Dadi tells her not to tell, or else she will beat her. Diya tells her RV’s shirt caused the argument. Dadi informs Diya that Dadu gifted RV-Poorvi honeymoon tickets. Diya is thrilled.

Poorvi’s dadi asks her if she’s crying because she’s happy, and Diya says, “Chak de phatte”. Poorvi says it. Diya asks her to do bhangra and asks where she’s going. Poorvi says Shimla and ends the call. Diya is happy and tells Prachi. Prachi says she will buy the other clothes for Diya. Diya hugs her. When Prachi arrives at the billing counter, the girl collides with the manager and customer, causing her bag to fall. The manager apologizes.

When the girl is about to leave, the machine beeps. The manager asks her to come inside and asks the staff to call the Police. He blames her for shoplifting. As she tells him her father is from Rajasthan, she asks him to speak to her respectfully. Upon finding an unbilled chunari, the manager says, ” I know you have stolen. She says she did not steal anything. The manager asks the inspector to arrest her. Prachi asks them to stop.

RV arrives at Poorvi’s place and asks what happened. Poorvi asks if you care, but he says no. Poorvi and RV argue. Poorvi asks him to behave. He says he doesn’t care. Poorvi says she does not care about him or Monisha. The manager is told that Prachi is telling you that she did not steal, and he says he will handle it since he is the manager.

It is estimated that the dupatta is worth 80 thousand rupees. Prachi tells him the girl bought other stuff worth lakhs, and if she steals 80 thousand rupees, she will be called chunari. Poorvi tells RV that Monisha said you wouldn’t go on your honeymoon with your wife. RV says she’s not wrong, but you’re mistaken.

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