Kumkum Bhagya 23rd November 2023 Written Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 23rd November 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

In the episode, Poorvi receives Diya’s call, goes to the side, and the salesman asks Ashutosh what kind of ring he wants. He asks him to show him some good, but not so expensive, light-weight rings. He says who wastes/invests money in gold nowadays. A salesman sees Poorvi and looks at her. Ashutosh looks at Poorvi as well. Ashutosh is impressed and says he teaches his students the same thing in school, and asks Salesman to show him a light weight ring. Poorvi agrees that they should spend their money according to their needs. Poorvi and Ashutosh leave the jewellery store without seeing Ranbir/KK standing there. Ranbir watches.

RV informs the client that KK has not arrived yet, indicating a lack of respect for punctuality. The client then mentions KK’s successful distributor network and the potential benefits of working with him. RV counters by mentioning his own formidable distributor who can sell cars quickly. Just then, Ranbir aka KK appears and greets RV and Patrick. He questions what is happening, to which RV confronts him by mentioning his powerful distributor and his involvement with a private bank for funding. KK questions why he wouldn’t get funds from a government bank instead. He also asks who the big distributor is, to which Yug reveals their name. Asserting his own deal with that distributor, KK proudly states that even his small banks provide him with investments and offers a joint venture as the way forward. In conclusion, he confidently declares that it should now be clear to everyone present how things should proceed. This revelation leaves RV stunned.

When the driver asks Ranbir what he would like to have, he replies that he won’t have anything. The driver says there are no servants or chefs. He says he likes to stay alone, and that he is only here for a few days, so he didn’t hire anyone. The driver says he will make him something and asks what he wants. Ranbir says anything made by Prachi. Prachi knocks on the door and comes there.

Ashutosh and Poorvi are riding the scooter. Ashutosh could not turn his bike and hit RV’s car. Ashutosh blames him and claims that he has suffered a lot of loss because of him. RV picks up the fallen ring and asks Poorvi to take it. Poorvi tells him to wait again and again. RV makes her wear the ring, to simply give it to her. Ashutosh argues with the driver. RV asks what do you mean, that we are engaged. Poorvi asks RV why they made me wear this ring.

As Ranbir opens the door, he immediately questions the unexpected visitor, asking who gave them his address. Prachi responds that she did, while Poorvi chimes in with a random fact about finger veins leading to the heart. Ranbir jokingly asks if he is now residing in their hearts as well. As he recalls the ring exchange, Ashutosh gets into a heated argument with a driver and demands compensation for damages. However, Poorvi advises him to let it go, but Ashutosh threatens to call the police. RV nonchalantly tells him to do so and drives off in his car. Frustrated, Ashutosh takes a photo or video of RV’s car and considers posting it online. He then expresses concern about how he will fix his scooty now. In the midst of this chaos, Poorvi admires her ring silently.

It is Vishaka who asks Divya if she has forgotten what happened to Khushi because of Prachi. Vishaka says we should handle her. Khushi says he came here for Poorvi, who didn’t get anyone’s love. She says she doesn’t feel love for Prachi like she does for Vishaka. Vishaka asks if damad ji will come? Khushi says she’ll ask.

She arrives at the wrong address. Ranbir notices his employee and signs on a file. He asks him to have food, but the man doesn’t. Prachi asks the lady if she’s Mrs. KK. The lady says you came to the wrong address. Prachi tells her daughter to pay half of the amount to KK. Khushi tells her husband couldn’t come. Divya says she wants a son in law like him.

Khushi warns that Poorvi’s future will be destroyed if she stays with Ashutosh. Prachi questions her about bringing this up on the day of their engagement. She reminds Khushi that happiness and contentment cannot be bought with money and she is grateful that Poorvi shares the same values. Ashutosh requests the mechanic to fix his scooter, informing him that he has already reported the incident to the police. He then asks Poorvi to take a photo as evidence. The mechanic urges them to leave, but Ashutosh insists on staying until his scooter is fully repaired. He assures Poorvi that they will replace any damaged parts.

A friend of Poorvi’s reminds her to give money to KK, and tells Ashutosh that she has important work to do. Ashutosh asks her if she wants to meet the guy who helped her transport the burnt victims to the hospital. Poorvi asks how do you know? Ashutosh says he’s looking out for her every move, and he promises that no accident will happen. She says she needs to return 2500 rupees to him.

Poorvi insists on returning the money and leaves. Ashutosh says he has to teach her a lot, she is wasting money. Poorvi tells him that this amount is not important for the rich people. Ashutosh says she has to teach her a lot, she is wasting money. Khushi argues with the family that Ashutosh is not suitable even for her Servant and that he cannot keep Poorvi happy. It is Manpreet’s intention for Khushi to trust her sister and tells her that she will be happy. Prachi says that all that matters is money for you. Khushi says yes, money does matter.

She tells Ranbir that he is holding her leg not to apologize to her, but to make it better. Ranbir asks if you would have refused your father’s help. Poorvi says she doesn’t have a father.

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