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The Episode begins with Prachi displaying her mangalsutra to Shahana and recalling how it holds special significance for her. She shares that Akshay inquired about Ranbir and expressed his doubts about him. Prachi reveals that Ranbir has always caused trouble for her, even though she considers his mother as her own. However, she sadly admits that Ranbir’s mother has never embraced her or shown any love, always harbouring hate towards her. On the other hand, Akshay’s mother has welcomed Prachi with open arms, loving and respecting her immensely. Prachi mentions how she lost her daughter because of Ranbir but was blessed with a new one through Akshay. Confused by Ranbir’s actions, Shahana reminds Prachi of how she had previously mentioned that he is now involved with Mihika and that even Pallavi aunty has accepted their relationship.

Ranbir is waiting for Pallavi and Pallavi asks Dida why you didn’t make me speak to Ranbir, when he asked us to stay safe. Dida says he had ended the call, you know your son well, don’t fight with her because of him. Pallavi asks her to check her condition. He told me to go home and to take an evening flight to Bangalore and wouldn’t call us or meet us.

Akshay questions Mihika on her perception and understanding of emotions. In response, she reiterates her previous statement in hopes that he will realize who he is speaking about. She clarifies that she is not blind or mad and that her decision to be with Ranbir was made after going through multiple failed relationships. She admires Ranbir’s good character and his willingness to help others, such as the person on the road. Mihika describes him as a kind-hearted individual with pure intentions. She also mentions his connection with Prachi and how he went to rescue her when she was in trouble. Akshay acknowledges that Ranbir risked his life for Prachi’s sake. Mihika brings up the fact that Ranbir had saved her from goons when she was on her way to Akshay’s wedding, grateful for his actions as they were crucial in saving her life twice. She reminds Akshay to appreciate Ranbir since Prachi is alive today because of him. Curious, Akshay asks when Ranbir had saved her for the second time, but Mihika prefers not to discuss it and urges him to leave instead.

Prachi tells me that she does not believe there is anything between them, and tells me that her life was going well when he arrived. Shahana says you don’t love Akshay, according to her. Prachi says love is foolishness, and wise people shouldn’t fall in love. She says that love brings pain, and life becomes bad and ugly. Shahana says love is also known as sacrifice.

Prachi says I can’t tell what dirty games he has played, and if I think of going away from me, he comes in front of me with Mihika. Shahana asks Prachi if you feel jealous? Prachi replies yes, and tears, saying that it is wrong, I won’t feel, since he is Mihika’s. Shahana says you are feeling pain and jealousy because he is yours. Prachi says my jealousy is wrong. Shahana says it happens when we hold our importance in the opposite person, and Ranbir gave you the place and importance.

Divya invites Ranbir to join them, teasing that there is a surprise waiting. Curious, Ranbir inquires about the surprise. Akshay then reveals the surprise as Pallavi’s arrival. Seeing her standing up from the sofa, Ranbir is taken aback and shares a warm embrace with her. Observing Ranbir’s reaction, Akshay realizes that he may not be entirely pleased with his mother’s presence and wonders if something is amiss. However, Ranbir puts on a smile and greets Pallavi politely, to which she asks about his well-being. Akshay probes if Ranbir is happy to see her, but Pallavi confesses that she had no idea he was in town. Excusing themselves from the group, Ranbir takes Pallavi aside for a private conversation while Manpreet and Ashok ponder over what they could be discussing. Abhay turns to Akshay for insight on his plan.

Akshay makes a significant statement, prompting Pallavi to inquire about Ranbir’s well-being. The latter reassures her that he is in good health. Pallavi goes on to mention that they looked for him and discovered he was heading to Bangalore before realizing that he was present here. She expresses her disappointment upon learning that Ranbir lied to his grandmother and then adds that she found out he has been here for quite some time already. She explains that since Vikram and Dida were not around, she had to come alone; otherwise, she would have accompanied them. Ranbir pleads with her to listen as he reveals that nobody is aware of his past. He is interrupted by Manpreet who informs Pallavi about meeting Mihika’s Bua, and they walk off together. Ranbir anxiously watches them leave, hoping for another opportunity to speak with Pallavi.

Shahana urges Prachi to drink haldi milk, but she refuses. She then quickly prompts her again, but Prachi still refuses and turns the tables by asking Shahana to drink instead. Eventually, Shahana convinces Prachi to drink the milk and mentions how she has learned from Prachi about caring for others. Realizing her mistake, Prachi apologizes and Shahana embraces her, commenting on how they haven’t seen each other in a long time. Prachi reminds her that they both live in the same city now. Shahana then muses about their grandmother Dadi and how she would have stopped them from talking if she were there, jokingly noting how she is becoming more controlling with age. This prompts Prachi to say that Shahana is starting to sound like Dadi, to which Shahana apologizes for teasing and compares it to how Prachi talks about Ranbir. Prachi admits that hearing his name affects her mood and hopes to change that. Shahana suggests that there may still be a connection between them and advises Prachi to disconnect from him.

It is Mihika who tells Ranbir what is happening here? Ranbir says he doesn’t know why Mummy came here, but before he could tell your Mummy about our truth, she arrived. Mihika tells him to relax, and they can deal with anything. As he says, he doesn’t want his mother to say anything wrong about Prachi, everyone loves her here and he doesn’t want them to view her from the point of view of his mother.

Prachi inquires if Ranbir instructed you to speak in this manner. She points out that you always take his side, despite his wrongdoing towards him. Shahana suggests disconnecting from him as it will prove her suspicions wrong. Furthermore, she states that by doing so, both of you will be able to move on from each other and she will also feel relieved. Prachi mentions that everything will come to an end once he gets married to Mihika. As she mentions having work at home, Shahana wonders what she will do alone without Dadi’s presence. Prachi replies that she plans on staying at her own place for a few days. Ranbir shares that his mother should not have come over and takes responsibility for not being cautious enough. Suddenly, Akshay arrives and agrees with Ranbir’s statement about being more careful.


Akshay explains why he cannot marry Mihika. Ranbir tells Vishaka that her doubts were correct, there is nothing between her and Mihika.


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