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Kumkum Bhagya 24th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

When Prachi opens the door, she finds Akshay standing. Akshay says I’m sorry, I thought you were sleeping. She wonders why Ranbir has come here, and says he will do drama when he’s here. He says I have to come, and that Mihika didn’t see him, but Bua ji saw me and started asking questions.

The following morning, Prachi adorns herself in a red saree, preparing for the day. However, Akshay wakes up and intercepts her. Vishaka informs them that someone is at the door. Akshay reveals that he fibbed to the visitor, claiming that Prachi snores loudly. Ranbir, on the other hand, returns to the guest room and goes back to sleep.

Prachi enters the scene, and Vishaka remarks approvingly that she has taken a bath and gotten ready. Vishaka then offers Akshay a cup of coffee. Akshay remarks that whenever Bua ji (aunt) is present, she never offers him coffee.

Prachi sees a blanket fall out of the cupboard and asks Viska to do yoga, saying that she is not alone and now has a husband. She asks if you both don’t want to sleep together and if anyone gets married to sleep in separate places. Akshay says I have understood and will go to the gym and exercise. Vishaka asks who snores. Akshay says, Prachi.

He says Prachi will do yoga, exercise, gym and gets an anti-snoring machine for Prachi. Prachi comes downstairs and makes sweets for the first rasoi. She says Mihika has come in the night. Vishaka drinks coffee with him and asks him to drink coffee. I gave her shagun and Akshay says she met us and got the decorations done.

As Vishaka and Prachi leave the room, Prachi finds a shawl. Vishaka says it belongs to that guy who came with Mihika. She says we should go to the guest room. As Prachi is about to see Ranbir’s face, Vishaka pulls her out and tells her that the room smells bad and what people will say about the Tandon family.

The shawl falls on Ranbir’s face. She says he needs to take a bath before leaving. She asks Prachi to move the curtains so that the bad smell leaves the room. The two enter the room together. Prachi adjusts the curtain, allowing the sunlight to stream onto Ranbir. Still asleep, he turns away from the rays. Just then, Manpreet arrives, and Vishaka steps outside with Prachi.

As Abhay enters Akshay’s room, Akshay asks how did you get up? Abhay claims he was tortured to get up. Akshay says Prachi is his life. Abhay teases Akshay for the first time. Akshay asks him not to talk about such things otherwise leaves. Abhay says sisters get nek and brothers get thrown out. Akshay says he can’t talk to Prachi about the guy wearing sehra. He tells him about his kidnapping, but an angel saved him. He couldn’t see him.

Akshay thinks for a while about Prachi’s words and decides he does not want to be late for breakfast. Abhay thinks Prachi’s ex-husband was behind the sehra, and says I wish I could have seen him. He says I am so sorry. She says nice voice and says whatever you said yesterday, was not understood. He smiles. She compliments his smile. Ranbir thanks her.

Mihika gives him a T-shirt and asks him to wear it. She says she bought it for her brother. She asks him to take a shower because the smell of wine is coming from him. Ranbir thanks her. He leaves.

Mihika pleads with Ranbir, expressing her distress at the thought of him leaving abruptly. She reminds him that she had informed everyone that he would join them for breakfast. However, Ranbir remains adamant about his decision to depart. Mihika appeals to him, emphasizing the importance of respect and how she would be proven wrong if he leaves. She urges him to stay for the first rasoi (cooking ritual) of her newlywed sister-in-law.

Observing the supposed misalignment of marriages by a higher power, Ranbir contemplates leaving. However, he requests that Mihika prepare sweets for him and insists on praising them since she herself is sweet and beautiful. Considering that his family is waiting, Ranbir ultimately agrees to go. Mihika expresses her gratitude and asks him to freshen up before departing, to which Ranbir replies, “Of course.”

When Manpreet shows Prachi the items, she tells her that the food she makes from the heart will be good. She asks what she’ll make, and Prachi asks what everyone likes. Manpreet tells her to make halwa.

Prachi says she can make sweets and praises her mother’s culinary skills. Manpreet asks her to make Kheer. Prachi imagines Ranbir saying he doesn’t like almonds in Kheer. Prachi grabs the almonds and asserts, “Leave me alone. This isn’t your house.”


Ranbir aids the men in lifting the box, but Prachi doesn’t notice his presence. As Ranbir turns around, Prachi comments, “I must be crazy to even think about you.”

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