Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 26th June 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 26th June 2023 Written Episode on

The Episode begins with Sam and Maan requesting Rani Maa to stop Shiv. She says he has grown up, let him go. Maan expresses his feelings in a poetic way thus making Rani Maa tearful and speaking of their family unity. Soon after, the trio depart from the palace. Meanwhile, Surilii alights the car. Rani Maa goes to her, telling Veera to bring in Surilii’s bags, and questioned Surilii as to why. She replies that there will be people at the palace and media coverage, her hopes were not met but still, she wishes for this palace’s reputation to remain intact so that Shiv won’t escape from Raghu’s marriage ceremony.

As Surilii pleaded with her, Rani Maa replied, “Stop him, I’ll go alone.” Surilii asked who would stop me. Sam said she was attacking now. Maan said Surilii was like Rani Maa. Rani Maa replied, “I will.” She said you can leave after the marriage, but until then stay peaceful. Surilii asked how. Rani Maa said no one asked me questions. The answers end the questions, if I stay back, will I be locked in the room? Sam said he didn’t see anyone asking Rani Maa.

Rani Maa insists that this is a palace, not a jail, so Surilii must abide by the rules. Shiv inquires further and Surilii asks if she makes another slip-up, or wants to cook for instance, will Rani Maa still tolerate her just for his sake. The latter responds that she has yielded but not been defeated; thus, Surilii must remain distant so that no one has reason to question Rani Maa about her. If they do, she will reveal what is truly on her mind.

Shiv says it’s time for us to go to our rooms. Surilii says I regard you Sasumaa, I will help with the marriage arrangements, what to do. Maan says you both made commendable decisions for us, thanks. Sam says Surilii won’t go to Maa and Maa won’t scold Surilii. Shiv says yes, we will go back to our rooms. Rani Maa asks Veera to get the bags inside. She leaves.

He says Rani Maa will understand my love for you, and she will love you too one day. Surilii calls Shiv smart. Maan asks if we should leave. Sam says no, we also made puppy faces, and Maan told solid dialogues. They all hug. Maan says you will win Mum’s heart. Surilii’s message reaches Maasi.

Surilii’s absence is causing distress, but Sasha insists that they keep a positive outlook. Maasi wonders what Monty could be up to, and he resolves her musings when he calls Samar and introduces himself. Samar assures him that there is a reason behind his actions, urging Monty to relax and take care of something specific. Raghu then enquires as to what will happen in three days time but Samar refuses to give him an answer, instead playfully teasing Raghu. The latter responds by proclaiming that they are of royal blood, unlike Samar before stating that their reign will only be established after the return of Swati. Finally, Raghu falls asleep and Samar takes a photo of him in this state.

Seeing the pic, Swati worries. Samar messages her that he will drop Raghu home safely. Madhu says it’s Raghu’s picture. Swati says it’s okay. Madhu says you’re defending the wrong guy. You get angry, so you call Samar and thank him for being with Raghu. Raghu is my brother, Samar says. Taking him to his palace, she says, will be a favor on you. He says, future queen of Ranak. She says she won’t forget. He asks Raghu to come. She promises him.


Samar says come on Raghu, shoot. Raghu takes a gun from Shiv and apologizes to him.

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