Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 29th June 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 29th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Shiv making a warm greeting to Maasi who blesses her. Sam’s joke then brings a laugh from Maan, and it is then that Shiv meets Diya. After Surilii introduces her family, Maasi praises Raghu for finding such a sweet girl, one who will ward off bad luck; she then bestows them with her blessing. Rani Maa then instructs Ambitai to look after their guests as the family’s prestige should be upheld. Before anyone can leave, Maasi inquires if they are going anywhere and when Shiv answers in the negative; she suggests that they take some selfies as mementoes of the occasion. Swati chimes in saying that she had actually sent out the first invite.

Did I do it right? Swati asks. Rani Maa nods. Swati says I’ll go home with Dad and I’m getting ready for Sangeet here. Raghu says of course, it’s your house. Surilii shows her room to her family. They like it. Diya says just her dad is missing. Surilii hugs her. It is fine between Rani Maa and you, don’t hide anything from me.

He says he is blessed to have Surilii as his wife. Maasi asks them to remain happy. She gets Surilii’s favourite panipuri. Shiv says he doesn’t want to eat it. Surilii says he doesn’t have the courage to eat it. She jokes. He eats a panipuri and asks for water. They laugh.

Sasha asks Maasi to see Surilii happy and stop worrying. Diya sees Smar. Samar cuts the CCTV camera wires. Diya goes to him. She says I miss my father, everyone says he is bad. He says he can’t be dad, all dads are good, and Diya’s dad is the best. Diya says he doesn’t stay with me and doesn’t come to meet me. He says I’ll get your dad when I find yours, and you are my friend, Diya says good.

He says you are smart, yes, I am an electrician, I came here to fix things, go party. She leaves. She likes the clothes. Shiv romances her. He says he will manage with the beard. She says you forget my talent. He expresses that he doesn’t want to appear like a clown at Raghu’s wedding. She retorts, telling him not to instruct a professional. She proceeds to shave his beard, and “Kya Kahun” plays in the background.

It looks like he’s hurting. She worries. He laughs. Ambitai asks if the arrangements are done. Samar says everything is going as planned. She blesses him. It has been 20 years since I came here, trying to destroy this palace. He says I will kill Shiv, Rani Maa is proud to become the queen, so I will break her pride and make her cry, Shiv will be killed.

Shiv meets Rani Maa. She taunts Surilii about her family. Swati smiles. Rani Maa says she hopes Surilii’s family leaves here after the marriage ends. Surilii says don’t worry, they have been here for 2 days. Rani Maa argues.


Swati and Rani Maa get angry when they see Surilii. Shiv dances with the family. Samar gets angry. He tells Monty to wake up.


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