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Manmeet says if anyone touches my daughter, I won’t leave him and asks everyone to find Sumeet. Meet assures him we will find her. Because of her, we weren’t able to reach Chiku because she was hiding him. She is clever like her mother, so handle her carefully. Sumeet says to leave it to me. Mahendra is also looking for Sumeet when he receives a phone call from Kanika. She says it was my mistake to trust you, you are not capable of doing one job. Mahendra tries to talk to her but she hangs up.

Sumeet says my phone is with him, so call her. Meet calls Manmeet’s number and he hears his phone start ringing. Manmeet asks everyone to look for the phone. Amma asks the kids to look for the phone. When Manmeet finds his phone on the ground, he says, “I have the phone with me.” Masoom says you found the phone near the gate because someone took Sumeet and dropped it there. Manmeet and Meet are shocked.

Masoom says, “You’re right, she’s been kidnapped.” Meet falls in shock, remembering her first child falling down the cliff, and says she won’t let Sumeet be the same as Chiku. As Amma hugses Meet crying, she says don’t worry, she’s your daughter and nothing will happen to her. Meet says I won’t let anything happen to her and walks away. Hoshiyar tells Manmeet I will search for her outside. Chiku starts praying for Sumeet.

As Gunwanti gets scared, she says they will call the police and we’ll go to jail. She asks Mahendra to run away. Mahendra tells her to shut up and act like you’re also looking for Sumeet so they won’t doubt us.

Manmeet and Meet look for Sumeet in home. A kidnapper calls and says your daughter is here. He says she belongs to the Sangwan family, so remember, let me know what you want or if anything happens to my daughter, I’ll tear you apart. The kidnapper says your daughter is fine and that we don’t want money. We want to exchange your daughter with that orphan boy. Manmeet asks why you want him. The kidnapper says, bring that boy and take your daughter with you.

Kanika gave the kidnapper a sign to proceed to Sumeet. Gunwanti and Mahendra kept a watchful eye on Manmeet. Gunwanti expressed her confidence that Kanika would be able to broker the exchange successfully. The kidnapper commanded Manmeet to listen to his daughter’s voice, and Sumeet pleaded with his father for help and assurance that nothing would happen to him. In response, the kidnapper said he’d call soon, then met up with Manmeet, inquiring as to whom he was talking with.

Manmeet stands still as Gunwanti asks Mahendra why he isn’t informing Meet about Kanika’s call. Manmeet states that it was Sumeet who had called him, telling him she was at her friend’s house with Anuja since she could not come to the party. Gunwanti then questions Mahendra why he is lying and whether he is up to something. Jasodha watches from a distance as Meet requests Manmeet to look into his eyes and tell him the truth. Manmeet insists that what he has been saying is indeed true. Meet notes that it would be better if parents and children spoke like how they do, and concedes that he had been worried about her.

Manmeet tried to cover up the situation and assured Meet that everything was okay, taking her father’s word that he would bring Kanika back. Meet pressed him for more details but Manmeet said he just had a headache and left for his room. Just then Meet received a call from the police informing him that Kanika was on her way to meet with the Manager of the Minister’s Secretary. After confirming this piece of information, Meet asked them to delay the meeting by half an hour so he could go in Kanika’s place. He decided to go alone as it was getting late and Manmeet still had a headache.

“You can’t hide from me; now tell me what’s wrong,” Jasodha says to Manmeet. “I can see that you’re feeling tense.” Jasodha inquires about the people behind this situation and asks if he knows them. Manmeet reveals that someone has kidnapped Sumeet, and they demanded Chiku in exchange for Sumeet’s release, giving them a one-hour ultimatum. He admits not knowing the kidnappers, but he emphasizes that they are very powerful, and his priority is to protect his daughter.

When Sumeet eats, he says his father tells him stories. He says he isn’t your father. Sumeet mocks him and compares him to villains of Bollywood. The goons throw the food and shout at her.

While praying, Meet joins Chiku Sumee. Meet assures him that Chiku Sumee is okay.

Jasodha asks Manmeet how I can tell Meet about this. As Meet walks to Manmeet with Chiku, he says, “I must go out for important work, but I need you to look after her. Even though the house is the safest place, I still want you to look after her. That’s why I made him wear that watch. I’ll be back soon, so just watch over her.” She leaves, asking Chiku to stay with Manmeet.

During the meeting, Mahendra and Gunwanti listen to everything. Manmeet also leaves. Jasodha walks up to him and says, “I know you’re worried, but now isn’t the time to think, Sumeet is your blood and she is your responsibility, so she might be scared.” As Manmeet recalls what Goon said to him, Jasodha tells him, “I understand you very well, but today you must take care of Chiku.” Manmeet recalls being asked to watch over Chiku by Meet.

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