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Mihika invites Ranbir to try the kheer and explicitly mentions that it’s genuinely delicious, encouraging him not to offer artificial praise. Ranbir takes a bite and compliments the delectable kheer, acknowledging that his sister-in-law prepared it skillfully. He further adds that he knows someone who also makes a similar kheer but admits that his sister-in-law’s version surpasses it because she omitted almonds, which he personally doesn’t prefer. Ranbir expresses his gratitude to Mihika for the delightful treat.

Mihika says she brought it and asks him to thank her Bhabhi. Ranbir says he’ll leave. Mihika won’t let him go, saying she told her family about him. Ranbir says ok and thinks she won’t leave. Mihika realizes that she didn’t inquire about his name.

Her guests enjoyed the kheer made by her Bhabhi. Prachi says she will serve it to everyone. Abhay says I am going to taste it. Akshay asks Prachi to get ready by 11 am as they have to leave for Khushi. Prachi is excited.

Ranbir wonders why I couldn’t say no to her, why I should sit and eat food with strangers. Vishaka asks Ashok about Khushi. Ashok says when they come, they will tell. Prachi says they will bring Khushi home.

As they look at each other, he collides with Prachi. Vishaka asks Manpreet why he gave Prachi keys and who gave you rights. She says you will ask me since I am the daughter of the house. Manpreet says I did not say anything. Vishaka creates a scene and says she will speak to Ashok. If he doesn’t want any drama to happen outside, she calls him and asks him to come to her room and talk to her.

Prachi glances at Ranbir, and in turn, Ranbir gazes at her sindoor, mangalsutra, and red bangles. Suddenly, he takes a step back. Confused, Prachi asks Ranbir, “How did you get here?” Ranbir responds, “You’re here as a bride.” He proceeds to criticize her mangalsutra, bangles, and even the application of kumkum on her forehead, bluntly stating that she doesn’t look good.

Ranbir tells Prachi you have made this house your house and looks at the keys in her hand. Prachi asks him to leave. Ranbir inquires if you won’t tell him what happened yesterday.

Then Prachi pushes him into her room. He sees Akshay and her photo frames. He asks him if he slept on this bed last night.

Ranbir angrily tosses the items from the table. Prachi urges him to leave and spend time with his family. Ranbir retorts, “I am extremely content,” and mentions that she slept on the same bed the previous night.

Prachi says someone will hear Ranbir. She keeps her hand on his mouth. Manpreet comes to Vishaka. Vishaka tells him to talk to Ashok. Ashok arrives there. As she is here, Vishaka asks if my interference will end here. She asks if I didn’t take care of the house, since it’s my house. Ashok says it’s only your home.

When I inquired of Manpreet why she had handed the keys to Prachi on the very first day, she responded by stating that she gave them to the daughter-in-law. Ashok asserts that Prachi has managed his multimillion-dollar business and is capable of handling the household as well.

Vishaka questions how a stranger could make such claims. Ashok reveals that Manpreet informed Prachi about it. Vishaka asserts that Manpreet should stay until Prachi settles in. Ashok requests Manpreet to apologize to his sister (Didi).

She glances at him as he withdraws his hand from his mouth. Ranbir swiftly grabs her hand and accuses her of marrying Akshay without informing him. He claims that Akshay himself revealed this information to him. Prachi retorts, asserting that he has no right over her. In response, he reminds her that ever since their marriage, he has always supported and cared for her.

After he pushed me towards Rhea, he says you hid your pregnancy from me and then disappeared for 6 years without telling me that you were alive. Prachi accuses him of concealing the truth from her that Khushi is their daughter. She expresses her disappointment, saying that she rushed to him, eager to embrace him and share the news, but he was preoccupied with his own family. Ranbir retaliates, claiming that she lied to him and married Akshay just to have Khushi.

Manpreet apologizes to Didi after Ashok asks him to do so. She says she is not changing the rules for anyone, insulting her. Manpreet apologizes to her. Vishaka asks her not to do any drama and come for Prachi’s first rasoi rasam. Manpreet sits on the bed. Ashok requests her not to jeopardize things for the sake of this household. Manpreet asks if I made a mistake. He says Prachi is a good girl, but you should ask Didi for her permission before doing anything. He invites her to come with him.

Prachi comes behind Ranbir and says you can’t grow from here. She says you didn’t tell me Khushi is our daughter. Ranbir leaves.

Prachi questions, “Didn’t you embrace Rhea while I was present?” Ranbir responds, “Prachi Arora, you tied the knot with someone.” Prachi firmly asserts that he cannot accuse her or question her character. Ranbir states, “Prachi Arora, you got married to Akshay.”


Ranbir tells Prachi that he will return and she will welcome him with love when he returns. Prachi says she does not want him in her house.

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