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Mihika and the driver take Ranbir to his room in the episode. She thanks him and asks him to go. He asks what about your stuff? She says she has forgotten about it and asks him to bring it to her. The driver takes it to her. As she thinks of giving him a painkiller, Mihika says where he (Ranbir) came from.

It is the driver who brings her stuff to her. Mihika thanks him and gives him 500 Rs extra for his assistance. She then gives Ranbir the tablet. He says Pra is unconscious. You have been mentioning her all the way and Mihika tells him to take it.

Upon hearing the news, Mihika expresses her intention to visit Bhaiyya and Bhabhi. She anxiously wonders if they have already gone to sleep. Mihika proceeds to knock on the door of Prachi and Akshay’s room. Akshay speculates that Bua ji might have arrived and urges Prachi to heed Bua’s guidance.

When Prachi opens the door, she sees Mihika. Mihika compliments Prachi on her beauty. She asks why Prachi married Bhai, what was your helplessness?

Then Akshay asks Prachi, have you gone insane? Prachi asks if she is Mihika? Akshay says yes, she is Mihika. Mihika asks why you married Bhai? Akshay says you didn’t attend my wedding and now you’re talking about breaking it. Mihika requests Prachi to be honest and discloses that their father informed her about Prachi. She inquires if Prachi wears glasses and if she had a clear view of Bhai. Mihika warns Prachi that Akshay will be angry and scolds her for marrying him, claiming it was the correct decision. She describes their union as inseparable, saying, “Without you, I am incomplete, and without me, you are incomplete.” Mihika instructs them to step out while she completes their room, believing it requires some final touches.

Akshay remarks to Prachi that her sister can be a little eccentric at times. Prachi mentions that whenever there are no difficulties in life, she can laugh just like Mihika. Akshay admits that he has known Prachi for six years, yet she never opened up about her problems to him. He believes that if Mihika genuinely loves someone, she would be willing to give her life for them.

Akshay finds it difficult to determine whether he loves Mihika more or if she loves him more. He cannot bear to see tears in his sister’s eyes. Prachi’s thoughts turn to Rhea, and she expresses that she loves her sister immensely. They are about to go to the guest room when Mihika appears and asks them to see the room. He says he made a painting that is in there.

Akshay says you have decorated well. Prachi says it is good. Mihika asks them to say I have done a better job than her cousins. Akshay says you are a good decorator.

Mihika expresses disappointment, stating that her heart is broken because Akshay didn’t praise her well enough. Prachi reassures her by saying that certain individuals possess a keen aesthetic sense, allowing them to beautify any space with their unique style, and Mihika is one of those people. Mihika feels delighted upon hearing this compliment.

Mihika declares that she will sleep with Bhabhi (sister-in-law). Akshay, familiar with her playful antics, tells her to leave. Mihika playfully insists that he give her a token of good luck (shagun) and suggests that he might have given something to Divya and Neha. Akshay responds by stating that they have taken his wallet. Mihika mischievously demands something valuable from him in return.

Akshay gives Mihika his chain. She says she will wear it. Mihika welcomes her to the madhouse, praises Prachi, and asks Akshay to learn to praise. Prachi refuses Akshay’s request to sleep on the bed, and he says he will sleep in the drawing room today. He says the sofa will be moved here tomorrow, and it will always be my bed.

Taking the blanket off Ranbir, Mihika says, “You were with me when no one else was.” She prays that his pain will be relieved, says we’ll meet tomorrow, and bids farewell, to Mr Stranger. She leaves. Akshay enters the hall and thinks of how to sleep without the AC or fan here. He wonders if anyone will notice me here. Mihika comes there and leaves. She doesn’t see him. Vishaka arrives.

Akshay asks God to save him from Bua and says she won’t see him. Vishaka pulls the bedsheet off Akshay’s face and asks Akshay, what happened, what are you doing here? She asks Akshay if they fought on the first night itself if it was a love marriage, and what wrong did they do? She asks him to tell the truth. During the conversation, Vishaka is surprised by the fact that Prachi snores a lot.

He rises from the bed and exits the room. He proceeds to knock on Prachi’s door, calling out her name. Prachi awakens upon hearing his voice. Ranbir urges her, saying, “No, Prachi…” and Prachi responds by saying, “Ranbir…” as she gets up.

When he opens his mouth, he says Prachi. Prachi thinks Ranbir has come, once he has come, he will do drama and wonders why he has come. Ranbir is standing outside her room. Prachi opens the door and watches.


Abhay inquires Akshay about the man who was seated on the wedding altar, questioning if he was Prachi’s ex-husband. Meanwhile, Ranbir informs Mihika that he is departing at this moment. Mihika assures him that she has already informed everyone.

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