Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 19th September 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 19th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Kunal urging Kuldeep to promise not to repeat his actions. However, Kuldeep expresses his inability to make such a promise, citing the loss of his reputation and the company’s decline, blaming it on a girl. Kunal vows to protect the family’s honor and threatens revenge on Vandana, vowing to ruin her life. Bobby and Vedika become concerned. Meanwhile, a cleaner wakes up Vandu and her family, instructing them to leave so he can clean the area. Aaji frets about finding a restroom, adding to Vandu’s sadness.

As a car passes, dirt falls over them. Mrunal and Anagha scold Vandu for showing them this day. Vandu runs to get some help. A bus comes. She tries to take help. As an elderly woman, she says we need to use the washroom in your vanity, it is urgent. She convinces him that I will lose my job. They thank him. Kunal says I can’t do it, please. Vedika worries. He says I won’t leave that Vandana. Vandana and Aaji thank the man.

Anagha taunts Vandana. Aaji says you always find a way. Vandana says I couldn’t. She asks Aaji to sit. Anagha taunts Vandana. Aaji asks them to stop talking else she will slap them. Vandana buys food and gives her bracelet. The man says it is of no use, sorry, go. Aaji thinks Vandana really loves the bracelet, so she is willing to give it. A man calls for assistance.

Aaji asks if she can wash the utensils. He declines, expressing concern for her age. She insists that she is capable and does not need payment, as she has a family to feed and they have not eaten since last night. The man offers to provide food but discourages her from washing the dishes, asking for her blessings instead. However, she continues to insist on earning her meal. Seeing this, Vandana intervenes and begs her to stop. Tearfully, she explains that it is unnecessary for Aaji to do such work. The man clarifies that he had already told her to take breakfast and pay later, rejecting her offer of free labor.

It is Vandana’s request that the man take this, give me money and take it. He gives them food. He charges Vandu’s phone. Vandana says it is Dad’s message, he will come home soon. Mrunal and Anagha argue. Vandana says there is no other option, so we need to get our house back. She runs on the road. She comes home. She jumps inside the wall. She prays. Mrunal says she went to create a new problem.


Vandana begs Kunal to punish her, but return the house. Kunal offers to be her personal assistant.

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