Kumkum Bhagya 12th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Prachi begins the episode by telling Doctor that she will not leave Buji, asks Doctor to save Abhi and Pragya, and goes out to stop Aaliya. As Aaliya is driving her car fast, she is about to hit Prachi when a man pulls her to safety. He shouts at Aaliya, drops his cigarette on the ground, and leaves. Now you and your child will both die, Aaliya says.

As Prachi picks up the axe on the side of the road, she asks Aaliya if she dares to come. Aaliya drives the car fast and is about to hit Prachi. As Prachi prepares to hit Aaliya’s car with the axe, Aaliya drives to the other side of the road. The petrol tank gets damaged by a stone and leaks petrol. The burning cigarette causes it to catch fire.

In order to see how the petrol is catching fire, Prachi asks Aaliya to come out. Aaliya finds the car door jammed. Prachi says this is your end; your evil pot is full. Aaliya asks her to help. Then Prachi reaches into the car and hits the glass window with the axe. Aaliya jumps from the car and Prachi takes her to the side, causing the car to catch fire. Aaliya confronts Prachi for trying to kill Abhi and Pragya and says, “I saved you because of the values my mother taught me.”

If anything happens to my parents, she asks. The nurse arrives and says they are dead. Prachi gets shocked and shouts. Aaliya asks if Pragya is dead and gets happy. She says I did not kill Bhai. Prachi says you killed them. Police arrive. Prachi asks the inspector to arrest her and says that she has killed her parents. She swears that she will punish her before the 13th day of her parents’ death. Prachi sits on the road crying.

It is there when Ranbir and Rhea arrive. Ranbir asks Prachi to stand up. Rhea asks about their parents. Prachi says Aaliya Buji has killed them. Rhea shouts, saying she will not leave her. Prachi says Buji has suffocated our parents to death, we will punish her every day. When I went there, Buji had locked the door and taken off their oxygen mask.

Ranbir cries remembering Abhi and the moments they spent together. Rhea hugs her and cries. Prachi promises to punish Aaliya Buji for her parents’ death on their 13th death day.

At the meeting in the Kohli house, Vikram, Pallavi, Shahana and Dida join Prachi, Ranbir, Rhea and others. Pallavi inquires about Prachi’s wellbeing and Ranbir states they should proceed to court. In the courtroom Aaliya asserts she can’t have killed her brother and sister-in-law and claims it was an accident. Her lawyer then says she was drunk at that time. Prachi counteracts this by stating that Aaliya was sober when leaving for the murder site and declared to Rhea earlier on that she would execute her mother. Furthermore, an evidence of CCTV footage is shown by Prachi’s lawyer which leads to inevitable conviction of Aaliya for Abhi and Pragya’s deaths with 14 years imprisonment. Despite all this Aaliya maintains her innocence as she alleges being under influence of alcohol at that time. At last, the court hearing concludes with this verdict.

As soon as Prachi tells Rhea that she had told her parents that their parents would get justice on the 13th, she says they have. Manish, Aaliya’s lawyer, tells her that Rhea betrayed her and caused her to lose the case. Prachi’s lawyer says that Rhea has realized her wrongdoings and has changed her ways. She says that if Rhea wanted, she would have been jailed instead of Aaliya.

Upon hearing Dida’s blessings, Rhea gets moved and tells Prachi and her little angel that she will leave very far away from them. Prachi asks her not to leave Prachi and her little angel so far away from her. She says when I become Maasi, I will return to them. She says I can’t stay back after doing so much wrong to you. Vikram says nobody will remind you about the past, and Rhea says she will feel guilty and can’t stay.

I never accepted you because I thought you were fake and wrong. Rhea says you were not wrong. Shahana asks Rhea to stop for Prachi, and says she loves you more than she loves me. Prachi asks Rhea why you want to leave. Rhea says I love Prachi and her baby also, and I love you all too. In order to keep love intact, Rhea says I should go far, and if I do, all wounds will be healed, and love will be present as well.

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