Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd March 2023 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Shefali exposes Partha and he had to leave the house.  Kairav goes to Kasauli to meet Akshara. Aarohi finally agrees to marry Abhimanyu. Abhir goes missing. Will Aarohi and Abhimanyu finally get married?

Chalte Chalte Yu hi koi mil gaya tha .. with this song playing in the background Akshara and Abhinav walk out of the Police station.  Abhinav is a few steps behind Akshara.  Abhinav calls out to Akshara and she stops.  She says he did not add Ji after her name.  He replies by saying that when their hearts are so close now then why should there be distance in their relationship? He admits his mistake that he could not understand anything and stepped back when life wanted him to move ahead and embrace him.  He mistook her efforts for her helplessness.  He thought Akshara was continuing this relationship for him.  He is sorry that he thought that everything had changed after he came back from Udaipur.  Everything seemed different and new after their return.  But he says that this new version is much better than the old one.

Abhinav admits that if they had not gone to Udaipur, they would not have understood each other’s feelings. They have taken two steps back in their relationship but it is only so that they can now move ahead.   Akshara replies saying their relationship is the same but only got deeper now. Both happily go home.

Shefali stands in front of Parth and picks up the tissue and wipes her make-up to show the marks on her face.  Parth tries to stop her but she continues and also wipes the sindoor on her forehead.  She turns towards Abhimanyu and Manjiri and shows them the marks of Parth’s violence.  Shefali says that when the make-up of an oppressed wife is taken off then her husband’s face can also be seen clearly. His reality also becomes clear.  She tells the family that the truth of her relationship with Parth is clear on her face for everyone to read.

Abhimanyu in his mind says to himself that he is proud of Shefali.  When a woman speaks then the ones who oppress lose their nerve.

While Abhinav and Akshara are walking out of the Police Station they bump into Kairav.

Shefali admits she was quiet for so long but that was because she was worried about her son.  But she says the foundation of life cannot be laid on lies.  Abhimanyu finally gave her the confidence to come out with the truth. And she promises never to lose that confidence.  She has wasted many years because of Parth but now she does not want to waste a minute on him.  She tells Parth she cannot tolerate him for even a minute.  When Parth asks what she will do .. will she leave the house she replies saying that he will have to leave the house this very minute.  Parth replies asking her if she has gone made to remove him from his own house.  Anand stops him from saying anything further and tells Parth that if she had to remove the make-up in front of the police then his life and his reputation would be at stake.  Mahima intervenes saying Parth has made a mistake this time.  Anand stops her midway and says Shefali is the daughter of the family.  Parth is not fit to be called a son.  Harshvardhan had made the same mistake and he had to leave the house.  Parth will also have to leave immediately.  When Parth reminds Anand that he is his son Anand replies that when he did not respect any relationship why should anyone respect him? Some mistakes can never be forgiven. Parth walks out.

Akshara asks Kairav what he is doing in Kasauli.  He replies that Muskaan was crying so much and said it would be difficult for her sister-in-law to handle everything alone so he came,  Akshara happily asks Kairav if he came especially for her.  Kairav reluctantly admits he did. He says Abhinav was in trouble so he came to help.  But he can see that he is not needed there because Akshara has handled everything on her own.  He has booked his return flight so he says he is going back and turns around.  Abhinav tells Kairav that the next flight is 5 hours later.  He is aware of all the routes in the area. He forces Kairav to come to their house. Kairav refuses saying he will miss the flight. Akshara pleads with Kairav to come home at least for Abhir.  Akshara happily goes to get the car.  Kairav looks at her and says that she has changed a lot.  Abhinav says she has changed for the better.

Shefali makes Aarohi speak to Shibu because she is still deciding what and how much to tell him. She does not want to hurt him.  Aarohi says Shibu will understand.  She is proud of what Shefali has done.  Aarohi its difficult to raise our voices against our dear ones and Shefali did just that.  She says Shefali has done the right thing. Shefali asks Aarohi when she will make the right decision.  She says Abhimanyu is a changed person now. The way he handled the situation and stood by her he is not the same person he used to be.  He is aware of his past mistakes and trying to change himself now. Not only Abhimanyu but Aarohi also needs a second chance.

Akshara drives Abhinav and Kairav home.  Kairav looks around in surprise when they reach home.  Abhinav tells Kairav that the house is small but it’s theirs.  Abhinav looks at the Sharma house board and thinks that one day he brought Akshara home and today she has driven him home. Today for the first time he is feeling a sense of belonging in the house.

Abhir sees them and runs to Abhinav and gives him a hug.  Both get emotional.  Abhir says he got worried that the police will never release Abhinav.  Abhinav says that nobody can stop him from coming to his son.  Abhir says he prayed to Shivji to get him back soon because he cannot live without him.  Abhinav says he too was missing him but then Akshara came to the police station like a lioness and fought with the cops and got him out. 

Abhir and Kairav hug each other.  Abhir says his Mamu has become super cool.  He introduces Neela Amma as Muskaan’s grandmother.  Abhir shows Kairav around while Akshara goes to make his favourite coffe.  Neela Amma says that she heard so much about him that she does not feel that they are meeting for the first time.

Abhinav tells Kairav how Akshara ran from pillar to post the whole night for his release but did not complain even once.  She always gives priority to her family and she will go to any extent for them. He says very few people have to courage to go away from their families for their happiness. People usually only think of their own happiness but Akshara has always thought of the family first.  Abhinav tells Kairav that six years ago Akshara came here to Kasauli away from the family not for herself but for the family.  If she had broken in front of the family then the family would also be broken.  He asks Kairav to get over his anger because Akshara loves all of them.

Akshara comes with a coffee tray and keeps it in front of Kairav.  But Kairav just gets up.  Abhinav, Akshara and Neela Amma look at him and they are worried. Kairav goes to Akshara and hugs her. Everyone is emotional.  Abhir looks at them with a worried expression.

Abhimanyu takes a bag and is walking out of the house.  Manjiri stops him saying Parth has made a mistake and hence he had to go.  Abhinav says that he too made a mistake 6 years ago. So he too has to be punished. His mistake was worse than Parth’s.  While going out he requests Aarohi to give him right to meet Roohi outside the hospital.  Aarohi refuses to give him rights and says that tomorrow after our engagement he too would have the same rights over Roohi.  Manjiri asks Aarohi again if she really said that she is ready for the engagement.  Aarohi replies by saying she wants to give herself and Abhimanyu a second chance.


Abhinav asks Akshara out on a date.  Abhir disappears when they are out.  Akshara calls Abhimanyu.

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