Udne Ki Aasha 25th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Sayali Manages Juice Stall

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Paresh asks Sayali to go to the market. She manages the flower shop. Shobha asks her to go for her exams. She replies, “I’ll handle everything here.” Juhi leaves. As Shobha struggles to manage the juice and flower stalls simultaneously, Sayali arrives to see her working hard. She tells her to sit down and relax. She asks Shobha if Sachin has returned.

It is okay, Sayali says. She takes care of the juice stall. She says I came to meet you. Shobha says I am not your Saas. Why do you stay hungry? I heard Juhi and your talks. I called you in the morning and asked you to eat something. Shobha feeds Sayali food. She says maybe you called someone else.

She says that she keeps someone to handle the juice stall. She says I will take care of my family. Shobha says I will handle everything. Sayali says we had dad with us that time, I will ask them to send me flowers. Shobha says no, they will taunt you constantly. Renu always taunts you. She leaves, saying I don’t care about her. I’ll do the work and help you.

As the policemen arrive home, Renu immediately expresses her frustration towards her son Sachin, who has a habit of getting into trouble. The inspector then explains that they are there for a passport inquiry, to which Renu responds with a knowing smile and says that she always knew her son would end up in Canada. Paresh also comments on her intuition before Renu firmly states that she did not play a role in his decision to leave and accepts his fate. The inspector then clarified that they were looking for Tejas, whose passport needed to be renewed as it had expired. This news surprises Renu as she realizes he must still be in India. When asked about Tejas’ whereabouts, Renu becomes worried, and Shakku starts questioning her about what could have possibly happened to him.

Where can I find Tejas if he isn’t taking my call? She prays for him. Shakku says don’t go to the police, otherwise Tejas will be charged. Make a mannat for his return. Sachin returns home and chants Bappa’s name. He says I have returned in three days. Renu cannot make fun of me now. Paresh praises Sayali. Renu disagrees.

Sachin proudly presents his gifts for Ganpati to Ganesh and Renu while Paresh inquires about the water cans. Renu explains that Sachin can provide these at their house, praising his cleverness. Sachin agrees, emphasizing that he prefers to work hard for money instead of taking it from others. He then reveals that he fetched water from the lake, prompting Sayali to bring him coffee. Surprised, Sachin questions her, but Paresh encourages him to try it as it is her first time making it. To everyone’s delight, Sachin enjoyed the coffee and complimented Sayali with a smile. He then shares his joy about his recent pilgrimage, expressing how he had never experienced such happiness. As proof of his success, Sachin hands over 20,000 rupees to Paresh. Proudly stating that Laxmi has arrived at their home, Paresh suggests giving the money to his wife. Confused, Sachin asks why.

Then Paresh asks Sachin if he got so much money so fast. He says no. Paresh says you will prosper in life since Sayali is your wife. Paresh says Sayali will be glad. Sachin asks Sayali to take the money. She asks him to give Renu money. Paresh smiles and urges Sachin to provide Renu with cash. Sachin declines to do so. Paresh insists Sachin gives it to Renu. She refuses to take it. Sachin scolds Sayali. Paresh says bless him. Renu taunts him. She compares him to Tejas. Sachin gives the money to Sayali. He takes a bath. Sayali prays. Paresh smiles.


They see the decorated room. Sachin drinks. Sayali holds her head and scolds him. He sets a boundary and says you shouldn’t care what I do.

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