Maati Se Bandhi Dor 26th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Vaiju’s Struggle and New Beginnings

Maati Se Bandhi Dor

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 26th June 2024 Written Episode Update on

The scene begins with Kailash and Aaji bringing Vaiju back home. Shortly after, he receives a call and hands the phone to Vaiju. It’s Kaveri on the line, who reminds Vaiju that their village and its people are different from where they currently are and advises him to take care of himself. In response, Vaiju expresses his love for them all and asks about Jaya’s well-being. Kaveri reassures him that she is receiving proper care. Meanwhile, Ranvijay sits beside Jaya and weeps while holding her hand. Just then, Vasundhara enters the room. Ranvijay shares his disappointment that she didn’t get a chance to get to know Jaya better before her illness took over. He praises her intelligence and positivity, which has been noted by multiple doctors who, unfortunately, have not found a cure for her condition. Feeling helpless, Ranvijay turns to Vasundhara for guidance on what they should do next.

Vaiju prays for Jaya at the temple, where they believe in Nandi, and Vasundhara tells you you have to leave everything up to God. Ranvijay comes to the temple and prays for Jaya, and Vaiju prays for Jaya as well. Kailash says Durga has made the will in Jaya’s name; Durga is no longer here. Jaya cannot be here to farm, so I am transferring the land to my name. Vaiju says Jaya is struggling for her life, and you are also saying this.

Kailash has informed me that I am responsible for signing these papers. However, I cannot comply as Jaya is my responsibility, and I cannot hand over her property to anyone. Rao Sahab, you worry about others but neglect yourself despite having high blood pressure. In your current condition, Vasundhara, it is not wise to go out. Ranvijay arrives and asks where you intend to go. Vasundhara explains that Vaiju is alone and she wants to visit her. She requests Ranvijay to pay a visit on her behalf. He reassures her by saying that Kaveri has spoken to Vaiju, and she is doing well there. Vasundhara then reminds him of the chain and its significance to Vaiju, which Durga gave during the haldi rasam ceremony. She urges him to give it to Vaiju as it holds sentimental value for her since it is the last thing her father gave her, and she has nothing else left. Perhaps this tiny gesture will comfort Vaiju in her difficult situation.

Aaji reminds Vaiju that it’s nighttime and suggests that she rest. Vaiju responds with her usual determination, saying that hard work is necessary. Aaji inquires about any luck in finding a job. Vaiju explains that she met Kaki, who mentioned working in a factory. She is considering the opportunity. Concerned, Aaji points out the factory’s distance. However, Vaiju is confident she can handle it. Aaji assures her that she will care for her and insists on serving her food. At the same time, Vasundhara remembers shouldering all responsibilities after her Dada ji passed away and reassured Vaiju that they were there for her. Vasundhara then hands over a deposit and asks Ranvijay to deliver it to Vaiju as he expresses his willingness to go. Upon hearing this, Rao Sahab suggests sending Shambu instead. Still, Vasundhara clarifies that it’s not just about delivering money, and Ranvijay understands the importance of meeting in person to support Vaiji and agrees to return a chain as well.

When Aaji feeds Vaiju the food, she thinks of Durga and cries. It gets stormy. Vaiju says it’s going to rain. She says it’s okay. Aaji tells her not to go outside today, it’s abshagun. Kailash says no, she will work and bring money home. He sends Vaiju. The woman comes to the factory and asks for a job. The man asks her to come back after a few months. Vaiju says I need money. He orders her to leave.

The lights suddenly go out. The man expresses his concern about finding an electrician at this time. Vaiju offers to check it, mentioning her experience fixing the motor in her field. She heads off to investigate. Disappointed, the man informs us that their order cannot be completed today with no solution. However, Vaiju successfully restores the power and is applauded by everyone present. Impressed by her skills, the man decides to hire Vaiju and lays out a condition for her employment- she must make 30 swings every day or risk losing the job. Vaiju agrees to the terms. Later, Ranvijay arrives to meet Vaiju, respectfully greeting Kailash and Aaji. Upon being asked to take a seat, he states his purpose for visiting Vaiju.

She works for me. Kailash asks why you are worried about Vaiju, so I came to see if she’s fine. Ranvijay says I’m her family friend so that I could speak to her. Aaji says she’s gone to work, I’ll call her. He asks if she went in this weather. Vaiju doesn’t answer the call. She thinks about finishing work and going home after she checks the call.


The villagers force Vaiju and Ranvijay to marry.

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