Teri Meri Doriyaan 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Her mummy will slap her if she tells her about Garry, so she should escape from there. Santosh grins as she notices Seerat and asks where she is going.

Sudha’s house looks beautiful, Seerat says. Santosh scolds her and asks her where Brars are. Seerat replies they are on their way and says she will visit a makeup parlour before Brars arrive so she can get a touchup on her makeup. When Santosh leaves, Seerat thinks it’s good that Sahiba is not here or else she wouldn’t have allowed her to go. She sits in a room silently once Santosh leaves.

Sahiba takes pictures and posts them on social media. She begins working again. Kulcha says she works so hard for her family tirelessly for an ungrateful mother and sister. Sahiba gives him moral gyaan about family love. In the end, she finishes her painting. Colour falls on the painting and spoils it. She recalls her tussle with Angad and wonders why she is remembering her.

As soon as the Brars reach Sudha’s house, Santosh welcomes them and offers them tea and snacks. Seerat is missing and Angad seeks her out. Gurleen taunts that Angad is searching for Seerat. Manveer asks where Seerat is. As soon as Seerat arrives at Brars’ promotional event, she becomes mesmerized by the flashy event. People take her autograph, giving her a celebrity feel.

Kulcha asks if Seerat escaped. Ajith refuses to change his dress. Santosh tries to emotionally blackmail him in vain. She goes to Seerat’s room and finds her missing. She searches the entire house and calls Sahiba, who says Seerat did not come there.

Manveer asks Ajith where Seerat is.

Ajith informs Seerat that she is not at home. Seerat is dancing romantically with Garry.

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