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Sumeet lies on her bed, reminiscing about the promise she made to Masum. She wonders why Abhay, who supposedly has feelings for Vani, did not respond to her. The uncertainty of what action she should take fills her mind. Meanwhile, Shlok, Abhay’s brother and Sumeet’s admirer, patiently waits outside her house in hopes of having a conversation with her. He wishes to discuss his plan of convincing Abhay’s mother to accept his relationship with Vani. Hoping for Sumeet to come out soon, Shlok offers a prayer and waits eagerly. Finally, when she emerges, he can’t help but admire her and decides to write a message on paper and throw it into Sumeet’s room.

Raj reprimands Shlok for staring at Sumeet. Shlok falsely claims his bike wouldn’t start. Raj starts the bike and cautions Shlok not to return. Later, Sumeet receives a message from Shlok, informing her about Shagun’s upcoming visit to the temple and sharing details of her car. This gives Sumeet an opportunity to persuade Shagun. Her face lights up with a smile as she notices the keychain with Shlok’s name on it. Accompanied by her maids, Sumeet goes to the temple where she spots Shagun and quickly grabs a bouquet of flowers before hurrying towards her.

At their meeting, Sumeet Sangwan introduces herself to Shagun. The latter recalls a past encounter with a younger Sumeet, whom she teasingly compared to Meet. In an attempt to conceal her identity and get payback without being recognized, Shagun slyly covers her face with gulaal. Amid their banter, Sumeet mentions Vani Alhwat, a colleague they both know and Abhay’s admiration for her. She implores Shagun to grant them permission to be together and find joy. However, Shagun points out how Sumeet had wasted their time at the office the day before. Unfazed, Sumeet reveals her aspiration to spread happiness like her mother Meet. As she speaks, the sunlight painfully singes Sumeet’s bare feet.

Shagun throws down the gauntlet to Sumeet, challenging her to prove herself by asking her staff to leave, just like her strong-willed mother who used to fight battles alone. To add another layer of difficulty, she sets a goal for Sumeet to sell thirteen flowers from the bouquet in one hour. Meanwhile, Raj and Masoom approach Abhay in an attempt to persuade him to marry Vani. In the midst of it all, Raj fails to notice a photo of Shagun nearby. In another part of town, Shlok crosses paths with Sumeet who is struggling under the intense heat while trying to sell her flowers. Grateful for his previous assistance, she returns his keychain and politely declines any further aid. However, as the sun beats down on Sumeet and with little success in selling her flowers, she becomes desperate and borrows a dhol (a traditional Indian drum) to grab attention. Exhausted from her efforts, she eventually faints. Luckily, Shlok and Abhay meet her and come to her rescue.

Sumeet awakens in Shagun’s car and pleads for another chance. However, Shagun has already made up her mind and instructs Sumeet to go home. Meanwhile, Abhay admits his genuine feelings for Vani to Shagun. Observing Sumeet’s exhausted appearance, Vani asks why she looks unwell. This causes Sumeet to break down, worried that she won’t be able to fulfill her promise to Masoom. Despite Vani’s attempts at comfort, Sumeet continues to cry. Later on, when Shlok visits Sumeet, she initially reacts with anger, assuming he is there to mock her. But to her surprise, Shlok reveals that Shagun has approved of their relationship and Sumeet joyfully embraces him. Raj witnesses their embrace.

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