Faltu 26th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

The Faltu 26th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update

She promises her dad, she won’t break her promise to support Faltu, she is born to fly, she will fly, many girls will look up to her as a role model. I will support Faltu, she is born to fly, she will fly. Bua asks you are happy with Tanisha and your marriage. Ayaan says yes, dad chose her, I know her well, I am sure we will be happy. Bua asks if you could choose your life partner, would you. Ayaan says dad’s decision will benefit me.

She asks him to go home. He says you have to come home, update me on Faltu. He leaves. Sid and family arrive home. Bua opens the door and asks what you forgot now, Ayaan. Sumitra asks if Ayaan came here. Alok runs to Faltu. Bua acts on call and says Ayaan, you didn’t say that the entire family was coming. Sid asks will you call us in? Bua requests their arrival. Alok greets them.

He taunts Sumitra’s small house. Alok asks her what she’s going to have. She says chairs. Alok asks Rijula to make tea and snacks. Sid says I’ll go to the washroom and come back. Bua asks him to go to another room. Pappi says Sid will take me to Faltu. Sid makes an excuse again and goes to the room. Bua runs after him and doesn’t see Faltu.

Ayaan hides Faltu and recalls seeing his family go to Bua’s house. They have a moment. Alok makes excuses. Sid asks where maintenance is going. Bua says just painting is left, so we kept the room closed. Sid says fine. Sumitra asks about the medicines. Bua lies to them.

When Pappi calls, Sid says you asked me to call you after arriving in Mumbai. Sid says stay in the hotel, I will call you, I will find Faltu, I promise. Faltu asks what are you doing here, Pappi will do something to you, Ayaan says.

In the balcony, Sid checks. Ayaan and Faltu hide. Govind calls Sid. He asks what’s going on. Sid says it was a work call. Govind urges Bua to attend the wedding, but she refuses. Govind asks Rijula to come for Harsh’s sake. Sid wonders where Faltu went. Faltu asks what’s going on. Badimaa asks how he can stay happy when Ayaan and Tanisha are getting married.

Ayaan says my family has come here, so we had to hide. Dadi asks Rijula to patch up with Janardhan. Alok accepts the invite. Everyone gets happy. They take a selfie. Sumitra asks Sid what he wants to show them. Sid says he’s already angry. They leave. Alok asks Faltu where she is. Ayaan says she’s here. Bua asks if you are okay. Faltu nods.

Faltu says Pappi threatened to burn your mart. Ayaan tells Faltu to focus on her health, and not worry about it. He makes her rest. Faltu says Pappi threatened to burn your mart. Ayaan tells her to focus on her health, not worry about it.

In response to Ayaan’s question, Alok says Sid invited them here to bless us in marriage. Bua says if we come to bless you, Faltu will be left alone. Alok says yes, Sid and Pappi are around. Ayaan says Faltu is not threatened by Sid, but by Pappi. We had to get married, Alok says I promised Dadi, we had to take Faltu along with us, otherwise relations wouldn’t be good.

It is not possible, Suhana met her, everyone knows Faltu, I made her talk to the family on video call. Alok says we have no choice, we will make some excuse. Ayaan says he does not know. Bua tells him to speak truthfully to Janardhan.

The precap:

She argues with Ayaan about Faltu. He gets angry and tells her to stop it. He says I won’t listen to anything she says.

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