Anupama 6th April 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama says the last time her house was broken but not her spirit. Her trust was shattered but she still had hope left. Her heart was broken but she did not break. But this time everything is broken. Her heart, hopes, house, spirit, dreams and even she is broken. She does not have the strength to fight anymore nor any reason to live. She says at one time Hasmukh said her hands are Annapurna’s hands. She says how can these hands be of a Goddess when she failed to uphold any bonds nor she could hold on to her happiness. She says her hands failed to protect anything. Lord Krishna had given her so much happiness and he even sent Anuj back into her life but she could not protect anything.  Now Anuj has left her and gone. She says everything is over now. She has lost everything and now nothing is left. She is left alone now and has nothing left. She is all spent and does not want to live anymore. She does not want to live without Anuj. Anupama breaks down in her mother’s arms and keeps saying that she cannot live without Anuj.

Anuj is also crying and shattered. Dheeraj comes to meet Anuj. Anuj walks to him and hugs him and cries. Dheeraj tells him that he will not talk about what he has done but it’s not too late to fix things. He will only be stressed if he lives alone and Anupama will be sad there.  What good will all this do he asks. This way problems will just keep increasing instead of decreasing. Dheeraj says he can understand his love for his daughter but to leave his wife because of that is only stupidity. Anuj replies saying that he does not want to listen to any lectures anymore. He tells Dheeraj that if he has a problem he will move out of the house and live elsewhere.  Dheeraj says he will not say anything more. Dheeraj looks around for Anuj’s phone.  He says that if his phone is switched off how will anyone be able to contact him?

Dheeraj informs Anuj that he has stacked the fridge with eatables. He tells Anuj that he is letting him live alone but he will not leave him alone.  Dheeraj goes away leaving Anuj alone.

Kanta forcible pulls Anupama outside the house. Bhavesh goes behind them asking Kanta where he is taking Anupama.

Paakhi is showing her irritation by banging vessels in the kitchen. When Kinjal asks her what the matter is she says she is angry with Vanraj. She felt very bad about what he said.  Kinjal says she too found it very weird. Paakhi says she feels that Vanraj is taking advantage of the fight between Anuj and Anupama.  Even Barkha and Ankush seem to have some hidden agenda.  People have so easily assumed that Anupama and Anuj won’t stay together anymore because the situation would be to their advantage. Someone’s heart and home are broken and they are trying to find some opportunities in this situation. Pakhi says Vanraj is an opportunist. Toshu walks in just then and says what is the problem if Vanraj wants to help Anupama?  Kinjal says the problem is Anupama does not want Vanraj to help her. Kinjal asks what the reason Vanraj is helping Anupama when in fact he used to be the happiest person when Anupama was in trouble, and now suddenly he has started to worry about Anupama.  Paakhi asks how come he suddenly had a change of heart. Kinjal says it’s not a change of heart but a change of agenda.

Paakhi says that Vanraj is very happy that Anuj and Anupama had a fight. Maaya and Vanraj. Paakhi says she is confident that Anuj and Anupama will come together again. Toshu says that Vanraj’s intentions are not wrong and he is genuinely worried for Anupama and wants to help her. Kinjal replies that when he should have been genuinely worried for her he did not show any concern. Toshu says that was the past and we should leave the past behind.  If someone wants to mend his ways in the present we should not doubt him but should appreciate him. Toshu says the problem is not that Vanraj wants to help Anupama but the problem is that nobody wants to understand Vanraj. Paakhi tells Kinjal she is worried for Anupama and wants to go and meet her. Kinjal says that Baa is already on Vanraj’s side and so is Toshu but they will ensure that Vanraj does not succeed in any of his evil plans.

Kanta drags Anupama to a hospital.  She takes her to each patient and tells her about their problems.  The patients here have a lot of problems but they still want to live for the sake of their families.  They have not given up hope in spite of having so many problems.  One patient has lost his legs.  A ten-year-old boy has a hole in his heart.  They have not given up hope in spite of having so many problems.  Kanta tells Anupama that every day when she brings tiffin for them she sees how they are fighting for their lives and not giving up. Kanta tells Anupama that she is not the only one to have problems. 

Everyone has suffered at some time.  There is no one in this world who has everything and similarly, there is no one who has nothing at all. No matter what ever we get in life we have to continue living. Kanta asks Anupama if she stopped living when her father died.  Kanta asks Anupama to look around her at the patients.  They all wish to live but life is not giving them a chance. And Anupama has life but does not value it.  Kanta tells her that she has everything she needs.  A mother, a brother, a house to live in, clothes to wear, and food to eat. There are many people in this world who don’t have even that much. They still live in spite of all the hardships they face. Even if they have to beg or sleep on the railway platform but they still live. God has given her skills, art, good health, and a fine body, yet she does not want to live. Why? Just for a relationship?

Kanta says that she was living before meeting Anuj.  She had a lot of problems in life but she is still alive.  Kanta asks Anupama not to think about all that she has suffered.  She should think that even after all the suffering she is still alive. Bhavesh tells her that to date she has never given up in life so why now? She has not reached here to end everything. She has to move ahead in life with or without anyone’s support. Kanta reminds her that she is the one who has inspired too many other women. She cannot give up now. If she loses hope now then those women will also lose who have seen themselves in her. Kanta says that Sita Mata had to be away from her husband but she did not give up on life then.

Kanta reminds Anupama that she is not only a wife but also a mother and a mother never loses. No matter how big the pain or tragedy it can never be bigger than her. She is Anupama who has never learned to give up.  We cannot control life and death but life is in our hands. She says from today Anupama will live for herself.  From now she has to think of this as a new beginning. From now she will live life on her own terms and she will live for herself.

.Vanraj thinks that everything will be good now because his heart says so. Just then he gets a phone call from Brightside Corporation. He talks to them and is in a state of shock.

Anupama, Kanta and Bhavesh perform the morning pooja at home. Anupama says she never thought that so much would change in one night. She thanks God for taking her out of the darkness and showing her a new morning. She promises to live this new life to the fullest. She will enjoy every moment of it and will live for herself.  She says she will make the rest of her life the best of her life.


Anupama is walking and hears voices saying that her first husband had left her and now the second one too has. Kanta sees this and hopes that Anupama does not keep quiet and gives everyone a fitting reply. Anupama replies that neither Anuj has left her nor has she left him.  She hopes that they don’t get to experience all that she did. Anupama opens the door of the Dance Academy.

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