Faltu 28th November 2002 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Written Episode of Faltu 28th November 2022.

The Episode starts with Faltu going to the market to buy flowers. Pappi and Ratan are also in the market. Pappi stares at the women. Ratan says Sid told us to wait until he gave us the next command. Pappi says we are not his slaves. A storekeeper talks to Faltu. She asks for flower vendors. He says he knows nothing about them, there are many shops. She goes to the flower seller to ask about Rijula’s flower order. Ayaan calls Faltu. He says she isn’t responding.

He calls Bua, but Alok and Bua don’t see the phone. Ayaan and Tanisha leave and Pappi notices them. He decides to take Faltu with him, once. On their way, Ayaan hears Tanisha saying she purchased five sherwanis for him. Uncomfortable in those clothes, Pappi jokes that he should wear a sherwani for each occasion. She suggests they should go for some food and he wonders if he can take her to a restaurant near Bua’s house so he may also check on Faltu. As they arrive, Faltu runs back inside to collect his change.

Ayaan also comes to the market. Tanisha says we got stuck here, and these poor people ought to be kicked out. Ayaan says they have more right to stay. She says your Bua also lives here, right? He says yes. The car stops. He says the car has overheated, and I will see a mechanic about it. He leaves. Faltu asks for change. The lady says I called you. Pappi turns to see Faltu. He shouts. Ayaan sees him and shouts thief. The men catch Pappi.

Ayaan goes to Faltu and takes her. He says I asked you not to come out, you already had fever, so why are you roaming around, are you a small child? He says I asked you not to come out, you already had fever. She came here to buy flowers for Bua because I felt better. Ratan stops the crowd and defends Pappi. Ayaan says I distracted the people, you shouldn’t have come here, I have to go to Tanisha. Tanisha waits for Ayaan. Faltu asks who is Tanisha. She asks him to visit her.

Pappi inquires after Faltu and Tanisha is scared of him accompanied by his goons. She gets into the car and Pappi insists that he saw Faltu. Ratan states that he had not come across her. Ayaan later joins them in the car and Tanisha questions him about his whereabouts, as their time is wasted. They eventually return home where Bua wonders how Pappi got to know about Faltu staying there, with Alok weighing in on the matter suggesting they talk to Ayaan to figure out a plan of action.

Suhana covers Ayaan’s Sangeet rehearsal. The man claims Janardhan didn’t come. Kinshuk jokes about Janardhan. Tanisha and Ayaan return. She asks Kinshuk to teach Ayaan romance. Sid taunts, saying love can just be felt, am I right, Ayaan? Ayaan thinks of Faltu. Suhana says practice with the bride and groom first. Alok calls Ayaan. He says it’s an urgent call, and he’ll be there in 5 minutes.

Sid believes that Tanisha is being ignored and he’s sure he’ll find Faltu. Ayaan inquires if Faltu had come home, to which Alok replies in the affirmative. He adds that she is scared since Pappi might spot her. Ayaan states that nothing bad would happen to her and tells her to come home as Pappi has already seen her; it could be dangerous for her to remain there. Sid then enquires whether Alok saw Faltu before and gets an address from him with a directive to go there, get hold of Faltu and let his family know what Ayaan did. Pappi reveals a desire of ruining him too. Alok interjects saying they have located Faltu, but Ayaan is still unaware of this fact, though Faltu insists on not going back with them.

The precap:

Janardhan sees Faltu at home and scolds her. He asks Ayaan to throw her out.

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