Teri Meri Doriyaann 31st January 2023


Written Update on Teri Meri Doriyaan 31st January 2023

On receiving Keerat’s phone call, Sahiba quickly offered her assistance. While at a restaurant with Seerat, Garry mentioned how everything in life is predestined. Seerat probed him about what he was doing outside the eatery and he replied that it was fate. He then added that Angad shouldn’t have been so careless. When she inquired regarding his brother’s irresponsible behaviour towards business dealings, Garry said he stayed out of India for work-related errands and only assigned smaller chores to Angad here. His replies left Seerat most impressed; furthermore, she complimented him on his confrontation with ruffians.

The waiter brought out a complimentary cup of coffee for Garry, their esteemed customer. Seerat then asked if they should get one more, though Garry explained he had a business meeting to attend and proceeded to kneel down and offer her a diamond ring from the company’s valuable collection. Jokingly claiming that he would have proposed if Angad wasn’t in the way, moments later his goon informed him that Angad had entered the restaurant. Garry hurriedly left stating that his client was waiting and managed to hide when Angad stepped into the dining area. Seerat noted that Garry was far better than Angad and couldn’t understand why she still felt so strongly about him.

Upon arriving at Keerat’s, Sahiba was concerned to see her head injury. Seerat told her about how she had stood up to the goons trying to harass her. When Sahiba asked where Seerat was, Keerat told her that she had gone to a restaurant with Garry. She also mentioned that Angad had arrived late, and this made Sahiba furious; she determined to punish him for his carelessness. However, Angad made it up to Seerat by giving her some flowers and chocolates; she joked about how he must have kept something more expensive for later and said she likes ‘fools’, i.e. phool (flowers).

Santosh is captivated by the range of snacks and tea being offered, so much so that she requests extra sugar cubes in her tea. While munching away on the snacks, she exclaims that their treats are delicious enough for her to note the address for frequent visits. Manveer’s hospitality leads him to get refreshments for even Santosh’s driver, making her uneasy. Meanwhile, Jasleen assumes that Santosh had parked far away. Making short work of the snacks and curious about how many houses they own, Santosh innocently inquires about it. This question takes Manveer aback and he reiterates that they all stay together in one house. Bebe adds to this by illustrating how loneliness makes one scared even of their own shadow. Agreeing with the elderly lady, Santosh nods in agreement.

Seerat asked Keerat to stay with her friends, but the latter insisted she accompanies her. Sahiba admonished her and left by herself. She dialled Seerat’s number, only for the latter to hang up multiple times. As Sahiba walked down the street, she noticed Seerat’s hairband that had been left behind – a sight that brought her some comfort in the midst of all this confusion. Angad enquired why Seerat was not picking up the call, to which she replied it was from a telecaller before cutting off again. Santosh boasted about owning three or four bungalows and a flourishing handicraft business while Manveer asked where she usually stayed; Santosh suddenly felt ill-at-ease with this question, but Jasleen intervened and calmed things down.

Angad praises Sahiba’s artwork without noticing her face, while Seeerat praises his kind heart while watching him polish gurdwara devotees’ shoes. Both get angry when they see one another’s faces.

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