Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 18th March 2023 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Abhimanyu asking Roohi why she thinks that he is breaking his promise.  Roohi says that if there is no engagement that means there is no wedding.  She refuses to hear any explanation from Abhimanyu.  Aarohi shouts at her and tells her that children should not interfere in elders’ decisions.  Abhimanyu stops her.  Aarohi replies saying that he should not teach her how to talk to her daughter.

Surekha says most probably the engagement is cancelled but they don’t want to tell directly so they said the engagement is postponed. Kairav thinks to himself if that was the reason Abhimanyu came and did that drama. Surekha says Aarohi is brave to cancel the engagement.  It’s good she cancelled the engagement to the man who is always thinking of her daughter.  Suvarna says maybe Aarohi just wanted some more time to think.

Manjari also requests Aarohi not to shout at Roohi.  Roohi is refusing to go to school but Aarohi says it’s just Art class today so get ready to go.  Aarohi then asks the servants to remove all the decorations and she gets ready to go to the hospital.

Manjiri tells Abhimanyu that you broke the heart of the child for whom both of you were living these last 6 years. She says that if the child’s tears did not make your heart melt that my tears will not affect you either.  Abhimanyu explains that we need to respect Aarohi’s decision.  Manjiri asks how we explain that to Roohi.  She reminds Abhimanyu that Roohi is his responsibility.  If Roohi is hurt the Manjiri warns Abhimanyu that she will never forgive him.

Manish is on a video call with Abhir.  Both are missing each other.  Abhir calls everyone on the call and says hello to all.  He blames them that they did not stop him from coming back.  Manish tells Abhir not to blame Akshara for anything.  Abhir tells him that Abhinav has changed after returning from Udaipur. Suvarna says after all that happened he is bound to change.

Akshara is looking around for Abhir. 

Abhir says Abhinav does not talk to him nor does he tell him any silly jokes.  Abhinav reaches just then and snatches the phone.  Abhinav clarifies that they have pampered him so much that he has changed.  Akshara also joins the call.  Suvarna takes the phone and informs Akshara that Aarohi must be almost fine.  She tells her that the engagement is postponed because Aarohi wants time to think.  But she feels that the engagement may not happen.  Manish takes the phone and says don’t worry they just want more time more so because Abhimanyu is not well.  After the call is disconnected Manish tells Suvarna she has not done the right thing by telling them the truth.

Manish hopes whatever happened does not disrupt both his daughters’ lives.

Abhir wants to know why the engagement is postponed.  Akshara explains that they must be having some reason that we don’t know.  Abhinav becomes pensive.   He gets ready to go out when Akshara asks him to have his lunch and then go.  He refuses saying he is not hungry to which she says he will definitely feel hungry after she lectures him.  He again tries to make an excuse but she ensures he sits at the table to eat.  Abhir tells Abhinav to finish the meal because the cooker is hot making a sign at Akshara.  Akshara picks up a knife and hurts herself and Abhinav and Akshara both rush to help her.

Aarohi comes to Abhimanyu for some medical advice.  He gives her the necessary advice.  He then tells her that he has always made claims and when it was time to do something he has never fulfilled his promises but now he will prove everything with actions.  He says that whenever she trusts him and decides to go ahead with the engagement he will respect her and he will not change his decision.  Aarohi says she hopes that day will come.  In the meantime, she gives him back the chain that he had gifted her.

Abhimanyu gets a call from Shefali.  He can only hear her crying and she wasn’t saying anything.  He tries calling back but cannot get through so he calls Parth.  Parth says everything is fine and Shefali is at home.  Abhimanyu rushes home to check what has happened.  Shefali is putting on her make-up and pretends everything is okay.  He asks her why she was crying on the phone and who was screaming in the background.  She tells him she was watching a movie and she remembered her son Shibu while watching a mother and son emotional scene in the movie.  Shefali thanks him for being concerned.

Abhinav applies a bandage to Akshara’s hand.  Abhir is worried so Akshara asks him to take the phone and play games.  Akshara says she will not be able to hold a pen with her finger and the next day is her exam.  After studying the whole year she is upset.  Abhinav asks her to try and check if she can write with the other hand.  Abhinav encourages her to try and write with her left hand and not give up because she has no other choice just now.  Abhinav holds her hand and helps her practice writing with her left hand. He asks her to write her name first.  She writes Abhir’s name because she says his name is shorter.  They spend a few fun moments together.  Akshara says she will try appearing for the exams next year because she cannot write.  Abhinav refuses to give up and says they will think of another way.


Abhimanyu reaches Parth’s room just in time to see him hitting Shefali.  Abhimanyu catches Parth by the collar.

Akshara gets a call that Abhinav has been arrested.  When she reaches the police station the cop tells her to get proof that the bag found is not his.  Akshara promises him that she will get proof and get her husband released. She will not let her husband suffer in jail.

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