Kumkum Bhagya 21st May 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 21st May 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Rhea tells Ranbir that breakfast is ready at the start of the episode. Since he is getting late, Ranbir asks Rhea if she will have breakfast. Rhea insists he should, saying five minutes will suffice. He says he will be late for an important meeting. In his cupboard, she finds Prachi’s photo. She says what will happen to him. As Ranbir approaches the office, he collides with Prachi, who drops her file and her papers. They pick up the papers. Ranbir tries to move her hair from her face. She moves it herself. The song plays…Akshay tells Mr Bhalla that he likes his idea, and now he doesn’t have to fire his employees. He says you have come up with an excellent idea.

He says we’ll become a business partner soon, and that the company will make a profit soon. Akshay thinks he should thank Prachi for her idea. He asks his secretary to divert his call to Prachi’s cabin. Prachi isn’t in her cabin, according to her secretary. Akshay gets confused and asks if she’s gone home. She’s behind you, the secretary says. Prachi says you have to express your feelings, you might have told Mr Bhalla that this deal is important to you and that you love it. She leaves. Akshay thinks he should tell her his feelings.

After entering his cabin, Ranbir asks his assistant about rescheduling the meeting to Khurana’s office. Assistant confirms. Ranbir says I am looking for an umbrella. The assistant says it is in your car. Ranbir says I didn’t come for an umbrella. The assistant says you seem concerned. He leaves. Rhea calls Ranbir and asks if he’s okay. Ranbir confirms.

Rhea says she is bringing tiffin for him in the office. Ranbir says he is heading to the meeting and asks if she is available tomorrow afternoon. When he asks Rhea to come shop with him, he tells her that the next day is Khushi’s birthday and I want to get her something special. After getting upset, Rhea says she is free and will come, and she remembers her birthday. When the call ends, Rhea thinks he is loving his daughter, not another woman.

When Akshay approaches Prachi, he asks her not to go. Prachi tells him she has a meeting to attend. Akshay says we cracked the deal when we were together. He tries to express his love for Prachi, but Prachi stops him right there and says I thought you would understand, but you did not.

She says the time has come to make you understand and says we won’t meet or talk after today, that’s it. Prachi sits in the car to leave. Upon finding out that it’s just his imagination, Prachi asks Akshay to explain. Akshay tells Prachi to take care and says it’s raining today. Prachi says okay and enters her car.

Mr Khurana thanks Ranbir and says we won’t disappoint him. Mr Khurana says we thought you would deal with the other company (Akshay’s company). Ranbir says he started the project with them, but then he took it personally and started thinking with his heart rather than his intellect.

He says he initiated the project and then didn’t talk to them after that. Khurana says better for us. Assistant says he has to pick up his daughter from tuition Ma’am and will take her home. Ranbir asks him how you are going to get there. After taking his umbrella out of the car, he asks him to take his daughter home. Ranbir says I know you are rich and can get a cab, but I want to walk and get fresh air. He asks his assistant to take care of his daughter and leaves.

As she thinks Ranbir must be in the meeting, Rhea calls his manager/assistant. He says hello Maam. Rhea asks if the meeting is over. He says Sir went for a walk to the taxi stand. Prachi comes to the temple and tells that she wants to get the puja done in her daughter’s name and give charity. I will tell you what is needed for the puja, and I’ll tell you what’s needed for the food here. Prachi prays to God for Khushi’s happiness and says she will fulfil all her daughter’s wishes.

Ranbir is walking and going from there. Prachi enters the shed where the goons are sitting. The goon whistles. Prachi covers herself with her pallu when it starts to rain.


Aaliya says she will make Rhea into fire, saying she is back. Prachi tells Khushi that Shiv can take her away from her. Khushi says Shiv has never said anything wrong about you, and you are saying this for him. Balbira escapes from prison and comes to murder Prachi.

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