Kumkum Bhagya 25th January 2023 Written Episode update

Kumkum Bhagya

The episode starts with Prachi telling the employees and the lady about the description of a house and says home is built with memories, happy sounds of the family, and sometimes crying, happiness and sorrow. When she looks at her family photo, she says it is beautiful. It has some scratches made by your children, and you have kept it as it is their memories. She admits we did the same in our childhood and got beaten up by Maa.

She says that the sofa must be an antique piece and you and your husband may have sat on it and drank tea on it. She says you can’t leave it. She then promises her that if she gives her house to the builder, they will settle her house on the top floor of the building with technology. The employee says it’s very expensive.

Prachi says we have planned all the facilities for the kids, and she mentions that 200 families will stay here and their lives will be enhanced. Using technology, she says we will lift everything and keep it on the top floor. She says you will look down from your house and see 200 families. The old lady gets emotional and says she’ll sign.

Dida offers prasad to Pallavi, saying a prayer for Ranbir’s project. When Ranbir arrives and hears them, Pallavi mentions he hasn’t been able to get the job in recent days, expressing that his bosses are good people and this tender is necessary for him. Dida adds her belief that Mata Rani will eventually fulfil his wish. Upon Aryan’s arrival and calling Ranbir, they ask if he got the project. He fibs a positive response – stating his boss agreed and everyone at the office was content with it. His answer brings delight to both Pallavi and Dida who bless him with a hug.

As Pallavi makes halwa, Ranbir tells them not to get sentimental. He says he came here to let you know I got the project. Dida blesses him. Pallavi says she will make you halwa. Aryan asks Ranbir why he lied about getting the project. In response to Aryan’s question, Ranbir says I can lie 1000 times more if one lie brings them such happiness.

He used to sit in front of God and do puja to receive a project. Aaliya Buji’s manager had deceived him. Aryan knew this, comforted Ranbir with a hug, and encouraged him not to give up. Ranbir then announced his determination to rebuild their home and bring back the joy that was once present before replaying a moment in his head when he had accused Prachi of taking away their daughter from them. Pallavi intervened at the opportune time with some halwa she had made earlier and managed to put him at ease.

The business partner tells the Chairman that the project work will start as soon as the job is finished. The chairman says she is my miracle girl who turns stones into gold. Prachi says it is much. The chairman says you will get 50 per cent profit and also interest for the funds you gave me. We will expand there, says the chairman, who says Prachi will get whatever she wants and will have a big cabin. He says she will go to the Delhi office as the head.

Prachi reveals to the Chairman that she cannot accept his offer to go to Delhi. She states that she wants to stick with her current job and insists on staying put. The Chairman angrily asks if she is refusing him, which Prachi denies. He then notifies her that she will be fired for declining the suggestion. His business partner remarks that it’s a harsh decision. The Chairman stresses that Prachi has chosen not to take up the offer. In distress, she starts packing her belongings while an assistant inquires whether something is going on in Delhi. Prachi ponders over Ranbir inhabiting there, before taking her to leave.

It feels like something is wrong with me when Ranbir thinks that all his family members love him so much, but he says that he misses Panchi and hopes she is with him. Panchi/Khushi comes there and sees him sad, puts a rose in the car and leaves. In the car mirror, Ranbir sees her smile. He reads that smile is good and it doesn’t cost anything. Ranbir wonders who this girl is, while Khushi wonders if he smiled.

Dadi asks if Ashok Tandon fired you, who praises you a lot. Shahana says yes, Priya called and said. She goes behind Prachi and asks why you don’t want to go to Delhi.

Prachi states that the city took away everything from her. She fondly remembers the days in Hoshiarpur and then coming to Delhi for studies. Then she fell head over heels for Ranbir and later on got married to him and Panchi entered her life. But when she departed from that city, even though her hands were unladen, but her heart was heavy with sadness. The city had taken away her daughter and mother and all that Prachi received in return were aches and terrible recollections. She says Ranbir gave her suffering which will always remain etched in her mind. Apparently, Ashok’s uncle asked Prachi to go to Delhi rather than be with Ranbir.

After searching for food in the house, Khushi asks Maayi about it. She burps. She says she wasn’t in the mood to cook. She asks her to go to a neighbour’s house to get food. Khushi says she’ll make dal rice. She asks her to ask neighbour. Maayi says she had food at a dhaba and then says she’ll have it there if she wants.

Prachi imagines opening the door and calling him Baku. Ranbir thinks what he is thinking, he is thinking of Prachi’s return. Prachi looks out of the window and recalls Ranbir telling her that she is their moon and star. Panchi looks at the locket and asks, “Why did you leave me, where are you now?”

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