Kumkum Bhagya 30th October 2023 Written Update

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It starts out with Mihika asking Ranbir why he doesn’t want her to tell everyone everything, as he wants to protect his fake respect and goodness. Why do you want to save it, it’s all fake. Ashok and Ranbir ask Vikram, what’s going on? Ranbir says, “Let’s go inside and talk.” Ashok and Manpreet tell Mihika to talk to Ranbir. Nobody will have parents like me nor a husband like my brother, Mihika says.

Akshay asks her to stop her nonsense. Mihika shouts calling Prachi. Khushi asks what is going on? Manpreet asks Divya to take her to get icecream. Mihika asks Prachi to come down. Ranbir asks her to talk to him. Akshay asks Mihika not to involve Prachi and him, and to settle the matter with Ranbir. She says I told you that no one would get a husband like you. Akshay asks her to stop right here.

She replied, “I was romancing with Ranbir in the room” and said she had no idea. She said I saw them kissing. Everyone was shocked. Manpreet invites Mihika to come. Rather than taking me away from here, you should question your bahu. Vishaka says let her talk. Ranbir said if she started talking, the environment would be ruined, and then I would start talking and nobody would be able to stop me from doing so. He said I cannot hear anything against Prachi, he said.

Mihika inquires about your relationship with each other. Ranbir responds that it is based on mutual respect. She then asks him to show her physical affection as well. Ranbir explains that he wants to maintain a respectful relationship with her, but her actions have caused him to lose some respect for her. He questions how she can expect him to continue respecting her. Mihika defends Prachi and Ranbir’s pure relationship, comparing it to the purity of the Ganges river, and tells him to stop tarnishing it with his words. Akshay chimes in, asking if Ranbir has kissed Prachi. He turns to Prachi and asks what happened between them. Pallavi expresses frustration at Mihika’s interference causing unrest. Dida advises Pallavi to stay calm. Pallavi explains that Mihika is upset, which is why she is saying these things.

Whenever Akshay asks Prachi, “Has he kissed her?” Pallavi asks her. She says Ranbir is Mihika’s future husband, so he doesn’t belong to you anymore. Ranbir says there is nothing between Mihika and me, I no longer love her or am her fiancé. When Mihika is trying to ruin Prachi’s respect, he says you will support her. Akshay asks Prachi if he kissed her.

She was kissed by Ranbir. He says Mihika is right, but the kiss was pure, which had emotions. He said I kissed her on the forehead, as my mother and Dida did. When my daughter was born, I kissed her on the forehead and thanked her for coming into my life. According to him, it was not a physical kiss, but a soul kiss. Akshay says you people do this behind my back.

It is not acceptable for me to hear anything negative about Prachi, and Manpreet asks Akshay to stop. Ashok tells Prachi to answer everyone and says nobody has the right to question you, and you don’t have to answer anyone. He says I don’t know what to do, so I don’t want you to be burdened with my children’s questions.

As he apologizes to her, he says I was wrong about treating you like my daughter. Mihika says have you both gone crazy? She says Ranbir isn’t my fiancé, but Prachi is Akshay’s wife until now. He asks her to stop it and says I didn’t tell anyone till now, but I can’t stop now. According to him, I am hurt and have to inform Prachi and Akshay of the truth.

Akshay pleads for him to speak with him directly rather than his wife. Ranbir firmly states that Prachi is not Akshay’s wife, and he knows the truth. He points out that Akshay did not apply kumkum in Prachi’s hair parting, and their wedding rituals were incomplete as the mangalsutra was never placed on her neck. He declares that their marriage is a fraud and they have no real relationship. Ranbir apologizes to Prachi and reveals that despite this knowledge, he has maintained his boundaries and not taken any advantage of her for her honor. He asserts that it is time for everyone to be aware of this situation.

Akshay sees it as nonsense, while Ashok views everything as the truth. He learned about this some time ago. Manpreet expects Prachi to always maintain her boundaries and she has never disappointed. In the same situation, another girl may have left with Ranbir, but Prachi chose to uphold the sanctity of their non-existent relationship. According to Ashok, Prachi is not just a daughter-in-law, but a daughter to them. Manpreet wants her daughter to marry someone who will support her, value their love and respect women – qualities that Ranbir possesses. This decision upsets Akshay, Mihika and Vishaka.

Ashok asks Pallavi, if she agrees with Prachi and Ranbir’s alliance? Akshay asks, “What do you mean?” Ashok asks him to remain silent. As Ranbir tells Pallavi, he cannot live without Prachi, saying I live without her, but my breath doesn’t work, and I feel very incomplete without her, and you know well that Prachi completes me. As he asks her for his happiness, Prachi should be with him.

Ranbir’s life is our lives, as Dida says. She says since I saw them, they are together and love each other a lot, so don’t separate them, let them be together. Vikram says we are not doing anything with them, it is God’s will. He says Ranbir and Prachi will be together, and their family will be complete with their daughter Khushi.

Until now, they had remained separate, listened to the people, and now they want to stay together. Let the people say whatever they want, but we are united by God. I will marry you. Pallavi says Ranbir….and kisses him on the forehead. She nods her head in agreement and folds her hand before Manpreet, saying she accepts her daughter’s alliance. She hugs Manpreet, and Ranbir looks at Prachi with emotion.

In the song Tere mera bandhan, Ashik asks Vikram and Pallavi to bring Ranbir’s baraat to their house for their daughter. They laugh. Ranbir asks Prachi to sit with him for puja, and says our nakshatras match.

A puja is performed by Ranbir and Prachi together. Prachi asks Ranbir, you did not ask me whether I wanted to marry you or not. Ranbir answers, “God’s wish” and asks if you would have refused? Prachi replies, “God’s wish.” Akshay comes home angry and recalls what happened. He says, “Why did Prachi do this to me, I’ll end it all.”

She tries to stop him from doing so. I asked you to behave well towards Prachi, and I told you not to vent out your anger. She says you will not get anything by doing this and cries. She asks him to do as she said and cries, reminding him of his promise. Akshay is very angry and leaves the room.

Ashok warns him, Mihika accuses Prachi, Viska cries. He recalls their fake marriage, the happenings, Manpreet proposing Ranbir-Prachi for marriage, Ashok warning him, etc. In front of the punching bag, Akshay hits. She asks Prachi to go and stop him. Prachi sees his hand bleeding and asks him to stop. Akshay stops…Prachi asks him to stop, and asks why he is not listening. Akshay gets upset when he recalls Ranbir’s words.


Akshay tells Prachi that he will go to transfer Khushi’s custody on her name, so Khushi will be yours fully. Later, he promises Vishaka that he will become Khushi’s father, and that Khushi will be the reason for his union with Prachi. Vishaka smiles at the statement that he will arrange everything, but he will sit on the mandap with Prachi’s consent.


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