Kumkum Bhagya 29th June 2023 Written Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 29th June 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode starts with Khushi informing Prachi that her drawing book is missing while Prachi arranges her bag. Akshay brings juice and sunny-side-up eggs. Khushi tells him that Prachi seems upset and is not talking to her. Prachi explains that her daughter is going far away to London for a school exchange program. Akshay assures her that he has taken care of everything. Since their office is there, he has arranged for Khushi to be looked after. He mentions that Khushi will make new friends and have new experiences with clothes.

Khushi mentions that she wants to learn from her Aunt Mihika, who dresses nicely. Prachi informs Khushi that Aunt Mihika will be going to London in two months to complete her MBA. Prachi asks Khushi to finish her breakfast and meet her teacher. The teacher arrives and asks Khushi to come along. Khushi inquires about her friends, and the teacher reassures her that they are there. Prachi advises Khushi about the dos and don’ts, while Khushi promises to video call her and not to cry. She asks Prachi to sit down and wipes her tears, explaining that if Prachi cries, she won’t be able to go, and she wants to. Prachi offers to go with her, but the teacher clarifies that no parents are accompanying the children. Divya remarks that Khushi is taking care of Prachi as if she were her mother. Khushi asks Prachi to smile and let her go.

Prachi kisses Khushi, and Khushi asks her to take care of everyone, mentioning each family member by name. She asks Akshay to take care of her mother and assures Prachi that she will take care of her when she returns. She embraces Ashok and Manpreet before proceeding to Abhay and Vishaka. After saying goodbye to everyone, Khushi returns to Prachi, who kisses her forehead and hugs her.

Khushi says goodbye and leaves, leaving Prachi in tears. Vishaka observes the scene, and she takes Akshay to their room, expressing relief that the obstacle has been removed from his path. Vishaka reveals that she was pretending to be good all this time and explains that Prachi was not allowing Akshay to come close to her. She encourages Akshay not to miss this chance and assures him that she will do something to bring Prachi closer to him. Akshay expresses gratitude and thanks Vishaka for being his lifeline. Vishaka instructs him to follow her plan.

Manpreet enters the room and informs them that Mihika has arrived. Vishaka and Akshay exchange meaningful glances. Mihika hugs Ashok, Akshay, Manpreet, and Vishaka. Manpreet comments on her early arrival, and Mihika explains that she missed everyone. She asks about Khushi, and Ashok informs her that she just left for London. Akshay mentions that Khushi was talking about Mihika and how she wants to become like her. Mihika comments on the glow of love on Prachi and Akshay’s faces.

She reveals that she has brought gifts for everyone and asks Abhay to get her things from the car. Akshay expresses concern about Mihika. Mihika excuses herself to freshen up. Prachi offers to make tea for Mihika, and Ashok, Manpreet, and Vishaka express their desire to have tea as well. Prachi brings tea to Mihika, who enjoys it and praises Prachi’s skills. Prachi remarks on Mihika’s good looks and jokingly suggests that she must be in love. Mihika responds seriously, stating that she is in love and describes her feelings as dangerous, deep, and obsessive.

She mentions having a soul-to-soul connection with the person she loves and notices Akshay standing there. Prachi teases Mihika for speaking in front of Akshay, who interjects and asks Mihika not to get involved in such matters again. Mihika questions his statement, referring to their past experiences, while Akshay argues that Mihika has a habit of making wrong decisions when it comes to love. Prachi intervenes, asking Akshay to calm down and understand Mihika’s feelings without forming a negative opinion about someone he doesn’t know.

She suggests that they meet Mihika’s special someone and see their connection firsthand. Mihika appreciates Prachi’s support and calls her boyfriend to invite him to meet her family. Akshay warns Prachi about Mihika’s past behaviour, describing it as reckless and harmful. Prachi insists on giving the guy a chance and asks Akshay not to judge without meeting him. She expresses her belief that the guy must be good.


Akshay questions Prachi, asking why she can’t love him when he is kind-hearted, while Mihika threatens to harm herself if anything happens to the guy. Prachi and Akshay are left shocked.

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