Main Hoon Saath Tere 26th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Aryaman Uncovers Clues and Pushkar’s New Scheme

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 26th May 2024 Written Episode Update on

In response to Brij Bhushan’s question about Dadaji and Ujwala, Suyesh informs him that Dadaji was invited as a chief guest, and Ujwala attended with him. Also, he informs Brij Bhushan that Aryaman is living in a small colony and starting his life from scratch. As he examines the court file, Aryaman suspects the phone number might lead him to Brij Bhushan’s attackers. He calls the number, but Abhay cuts the call when he sees the call on his second phone.

As Aryaman asks Suyesh for details about the phone number, Suyesh agrees and urges Abhay to note it down. Later, Suyesh asks Abhay to forward the number to him. Abhay leaves the dining table, and Raina follows.

Reva is happy Pushkar’s plan did not work and cheerfully discussed it with Dadi. Pushkar enters the house drunk, accusing them of betraying him. Pushkar angrily asks Reva how long they have been supporting Janvi. Reva replies that it has been five years. Pushkar laughs bitterly, realizing he has been deceived for so long. He argues with Reva and raises his hand to hit her, but Dadi intervenes, threatening to call a women’s NGO if he tries to harm her.

She asks Abhay why he looks so stressed. Abhay explains that Aryaman is investigating a second phone number linked to all their wrongdoings. She gives Abhay money and instructs him to change the number to someone else’s name. She says she’ll figure out their next move.

In the evening, Aryaman and Kian watch Janvi set up a cricket net for Kian to practice on. When Aryaman catches Janvi near fall, he learns about Kian’s practice match the next day and decides to assist them with the practice. Raina calls Pushkar the next day, offering him money to prevent Kian from playing in the match. Pushkar agrees.

He hopes Kian will slip and get injured when he comes out to get milk, so Pushkar pours oil outside Janvi’s house. Instead, she slips and falls, injuring her ankle. Kian calls Aryaman for help and sees that Janvi has sprained her ankle. Despite Janvi’s pleas to go to the cricket match, Kian refuses to leave her side. Aryaman helps Janvi back into the house and sees that she has sprained her ankle. Kian says he will not play cricket because he needs to care for her.

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