Kumkum Bhagya 21st March 2024 Written Episode Update: Monisha’s Plot Against Poorvi

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Kumkum Bhagya 21st March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

When Poorvi first sees Monisha talking to the waiter, she wonders what she is talking about. She hears Monisha say nobody will know. The waiter says ok. She thinks it would be fun when Poorvi’s gone, and she’s in, and she says her sister should take her out, but she can’t take any chances, and she thinks you had worn a sexy dress, but you could never reach RV. If RV is also involved, Poorvi will keep an eye on her. Poorvi believes something must be in Monisha’s mind so that she will watch her closely.

Upon arriving home, Prachi is met by Manpreet, who offers her some fruit, mentioning that no one else in the house seems to be eating it. Ashok chimes in, jokingly saying that’s why he gets fed by Prachi. Manpreet then invites Prachi to join them but declines, stating she does not want any. However, upon hearing news of riots on road no. 5, she immediately calls her friend Tashu to check if she is okay. Tashu reassures her that all is well. As they chat about the situation, Tashu shares with Prachi how her husband often fails to appreciate her and only recognizes her worth when she takes care of him during his time of need. She explains that although they are more like friends than traditional husband and wife, their relationship is built on trust and support.

She says we support each other without thinking about what others would think, and it is a beautiful relationship. Prachi recalls Ranbir. Tashu asks if she’s missing her husband. Prachi says no and ends the call. Ranbir asks Tashu about her friend. He asks what her real name is. Tashu says she’s Priya. Monisha tells Deepika she has to get ready for a business call. He gets a call from his boss.

When Poorvi and RV arrive for dinner, the waiter asks why he is not walking hand in hand with his wife. Poorvi says he has a cold, and that is why he is keeping his distance for her safety. RV asks Poorvi why he lied. Poorvi tells RV that Dadu and Dadi might call and ask about us. The Host tells them to thank the person who brought them here. RV asks Poorvi if she won’t thank him.

Monisha asks the waiter to put a tablet in Poorvi’s drink and tells him she will kill her slowly for marrying RV. Poorvi tells her we need to thank Dadu and Dadi. Monisha says she’s with my husband. The waiter thinks she’s crazy and says the girl with RV looks like Sati Savitri. The waiter says that’s great. The host asks them to dance. Poorvi teases RV. RV is offended and goes dancing.

As Deepika waits for Monisha’s call, Harleen asks her what happened to her. Deepika makes an excuse. Harleen asks about Monisha. Deepika replies that Monisha won’t do anything. Poorvi takes the mask from the waiter. RV asks the waiter to give her another mask. Poorvi and RV argue. The waiter says she is beautiful herself and tells RV she is the best among them. RV says she’s trouble and knows only how to handle her.

RV and Poorvi were dancing closely when he suddenly mentioned his grandparents, Dadu and Dadi, and how they might call to check up on them. Poorvi warned him that she would leave if he didn’t apologize for his words, to which RV responded that she must not care about his grandparents’ feelings. Poorvi acknowledged his ability to persuade others, prompting RV to boast about his intelligence with a smile. Overhearing their conversation, Monisha became irate and answered Deepika’s call, saying she was losing her mind. Hearing this, the couple labeled her as crazy. Deepika informed Monisha that Harleen had visited her and made a subtle threat. Monisha then talked about calling Khushi and insisted on dancing with RV. Deepika cautioned her that she would eventually be exposed.


Poorvi says she won’t let Monisha do anything wrong if she is in her presence. Monisha goes into RV’s room to surprise him.

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