Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 22nd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Savi Exposes Cheating and Faces Sabotage


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 22nd November 2023 Written Episode Update on

After getting a blue bottle from the storeroom, Saavi bumps into Sarah. She is surprised to see Sarah outside the competition venue and asks what she is doing here and why she is wearing a hoodie. Sarah runs away from there, dropping her asthma medicine inhaler. She returns to the competition venue and finds Sarah already presenting their painting.

Sarah’s friends say she paints like a pro. She said she had bumped into Sarah, who had just run outside the building. Her friends say Sarah has been around for quite a while. Savi knows it is Sarah. When Savi tries to meet Sarah, Durva and her gang stop her and warn her not to disturb them, and Ishan complains.

Ishan calls Sarah. Sarah has already replaced the graffiti artist and turned to Ishan. Savi says she was sure that Sarah was the one who replaced the graffiti artist. The judge says Sarah is very talented. Durva claims Savi is jealous of them and accuses them wrongly, knowing she can’t win.

Sarah, who drew the painting, was said to have made it by Durva’s team. Savi says they are lying. Ishan says let me deal with it. He gathered the attention of other students and asked Sarah to teach them graffiti art. Sarah panics and asks how she can. Ishan brings a new canvas to cheer her up. Sarah has an asthma attack. Savi gives Sarah an asthma pump and says it fell from her pocket when she bumped into her in the hallway. Sarah’s condition stabilizes.

Sarah did not draw the graffiti and didn’t know how to paint an ordinary painting; Durva and Ayush hired a professional graffiti artist to replace her. Ishan debars their team for cheating. Durva and Ayush apologize and ask that they be allowed to participate in a healthy competition. Ishan agrees and says he disqualifies them from the competition today and will give them negative marks.

He asks other teams to return to work as they have less time left. Durva complains to Surekha against Savi and lies that Ishan has become Savi’s puppet and blindly follows Savi’s orders. Today, he disqualified her team from competition on Savi’s order. Surekha calms her down and says their motto isn’t this competition, but to destroy Savi and remove her from their lives.

Surekha asks Shukla to give her storeroom keys as she needs something from there. Shukla says he’ll open it for her. Surekha insists he gives her all the keys and sends him away after taking them. The next day, Ishan introduced students to today’s graffiti contest judges, who would judge their artwork and announce the winner. She then opened the graffiti competition room and spoiled Savi’s team’s graffiti art.

Durva’s team is walked to first by the judges. Ishan says he doesn’t need to look at their art since they cheated by replacing a professional artist with their team member. Nishi is tongue-lashed by the judges who claim his daughter cheated. Ishan says other teams participated faithfully as well. Savi’s team’s art is spoiled when they check the other three teams’ work.


It doesn’t matter who spoilt their art, and the judge says they’ll choose between two teams. She shows a clip before announcing a winner.

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