Anupama 22nd January 2024 Written Episode: Kinjal’s Farewell, Anupama’s Emotional Turmoil, and the Restaurant Fire

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She gives Anupama her phone number and asks her to call her. Kinjal says, “Take care, Kinju baby,” and hugs her. Anupama says Kinju baby. Kinjal comes back to kiss Pari as they are about to leave. They say bye and leave. Anupama sits down and cries. Apne toh Apne hote hai plays……Yashdeep asks if they are her bahu and granddaughter.

Anupama shares that her daughter is not interested in meeting her, and their meetings will happen during instalments. She mentions that God showed mercy on her by sending her daughter-in-law. Anuj recalls Devika’s words. Shruti comments on his act of gazing at the New York sky and calls it a waste of time. Anuj is surprised to see her there and asks if they are okay. She confirms they are, and he tells her to relax. He questions why she didn’t just ask him directly. Shruti apologizes, and he offers to get her some coffee, but she declines, pointing out the cup in her hand. Finally, she asks what is bothering him.

He expresses concern for Aadhya, while Shruti confidently distinguishes between pain and stress. He strives to be her friend, but Shruti believes it is a parent’s role to support their child and that others will befriend Aadhya. Anuj then asks if Shruti learned this from Joshi Ben, referring to the picture she showed him previously. Wondering why he is interested in Joshi Ben, all of a sudden, Shruti offers him coffee and prepares to show him the photo when his employee interrupts them. Anuj leaves, and Shruti worries about the consequences of his silence.

Aadhya is peeping inside the restaurant when Anupama arrives. She is about to fall, but Anupama holds her. Aadhya gets upset and tells Anupama that Pops and Shru have been together for four years and will soon marry. After asking why you came here, leaving your kids, when your cooking channel was working well, Anupama says destiny brought her here, and she has no idea why. She asks why you are upset with me, and Aadhya becomes worried.

Dimpy serves food to everyone while Ansh shares with Baa that Ishani wishes to enrol in his school. Baa responds positively, and Ansh grimaces at the thought of having her at home and school, claiming she always cries. Ishani promises not to cry anymore, but Ansh silences her. Mahi reminds Ansh that Ishi is his sister and asks him to be kind. Ansh disapprovingly calls Mahi Ishani’s puppet, leading Kavya to scold him. Pakhi intervenes, suggesting that Mahi needs scolding. Kavya explains that it’s normal for kids to fight and make up. Dimpy also reprimands Ansh, but he retorts by saying he won’t attend school if Ishani does. Mahi points out that their father may send him away to a hostel in that case, which makes Pakhi urge Ishani to steer clear from Mahi and play with Ansh instead since Mahi holds no significance in her life. This upsets Mahi, who runs off in tears. Kavya reprimands Pakhi for instigating hate between the kids, but Vanraj agrees with Pakhi’s stance.

After drinking tea in the restaurant for a while, Anupama looks out at the people leaving. A short circuit occurs. Anupama checks in the kitchen when she smells burning. She wonders where it comes from. KD arrives. Anupama asks KD why she came back. KD says she forgot her bag, so that’s why she came back. She takes her bag and asks if everything is fine. Anupama says she smells burning. They inspect the kitchen.

As the light flickers, a spark from the fire lands on an oil can in the restaurant, causing it to catch fire. Anupama attempts to extinguish it with water, but the tap is dry. KD becomes frightened. Anupama instructs her to leave and seek assistance. She then uses KD’s phone to contact Yashdeep and urgently asks him to come because of a fire in the restaurant. She admits that she does not know the number for the fire brigade. Yashdeep is taken aback but promises to come immediately. Anuj grows anxious. Anupama sends KD outside, and DK rushes out to urge bystanders to call the fire brigade.

Anuj’s restlessness in his sleep causes him to hit the glass accidentally. This catches the attention of Shruti and Aadhya, who immediately become worried. Anupama, noticing the fire on the door, asks for advice on what to do. Anuj reassures everyone that nothing will happen to Anu and instructs them to call a doctor. Aadhya questions Anuj’s well-being, and he responds with the determination that he will protect Anupama. This leaves Aadhya shocked. As Anuj continues sleeping, he cries out for someone to call a doctor and save Anupama. Upon hearing this, Shruti takes charge and makes the call while trying to wake Anuj. In distress, Aadhya calls out for her father while Anupama faints and falls. Finally waking up with a jolt, Anuj gathers himself as Aadhya clings to him in fear.

Yashdeep comes and searches for Anupama. He finds her unconscious on the floor. Anuj is concerned. The fire brigade reaches there and sets off the fire. Shruti says it’s just a bad nightmare and asks where she got it. Aadhya says someone’s bad reflection fell on us, and Anuj asks where she got it. Hopefully, it was just a nightmare. Anuj tells them to go to sleep.

As Beeji takes care of an unconscious Anupama, he tells Yashdeep that he did the right thing by bringing her here. Anupama praises Yashdeep and hopes that she will wake up in the morning, as she saw in the CCTV footage that she was trying to save the stuff in the restaurant rather than herself.

She thinks Anuj is acting strangely and never took Anupama’s name, and wonders if Anupama is back.


Anuj and Shruti are informed that the restaurant caught fire last night, resulting in its temporary closure. Concerned about the employees, Anuj asks their whereabouts. Anupama wakes up feeling weak, prompting Beeji to help her sit down. Beeji reassures her that she will stay with her until the insurance formalities are completed. However, Anupama expresses her inability to stay there. Nevertheless, Beeji insists that she has no choice in the matter. To add to the emotional scene, someone brings Anupama’s luggage to where they are. Overcome with emotion, Anupama cries as she embraces a photo frame of her children. In confusion and disbelief, Anuj remarks about how incomprehensible destiny’s games can be.

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