Anupama 18th May 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 18th May 2023 Written Episode in

Anupama sadly enters the Shah house, to see Maya and Little Anu being unkind. The family stand frowning at their behaviour, with Anupama questioning why they have not started celebrating. Kinjal suggests starting a pooja and Leela inquires if Anuj and Maya are married. Hasmukh then insists that it is Samar and Dimpy’s day and they should not be discussing anything else. Panditji calls everyone together to begin the ritual, while Leela tells Anupama to bring some sweets from home for the temple.

Anupama brings sweets hurriedly and is about to sit beside Anuj when Maaya takes her place, leaving Anupama sad. Sitting behind them, Kavya remembers Maaya sitting behind them the last time. Panditji begins pooja. Paakhi tells Toshu that it is difficult for her mother to handle all this. Barkha asks Adhik what if Anuj stays back after marriage. Ankush asks Anuj if he is well. Anuj nods affirmatively and inquires about his situation.

Barkha messages Maaya about how she is doing. Maaya asks how she is going to be with Anuj, nobody has taken care of her as well as Anuj has. Paakhi becomes angry at Barkha for messaging Maaya. Dimpy asks Samar why everyone is so quiet. Samar says she should have thought before calling Anuj here. Panditji asks Anupama to bring flowers and slips. Anupama brings flowers and slips. Anuj holds her. Anupama’s mangalsutra gets stuck inside his kurta. Their eyes lock.

As Maaya acts breathless in order to gain Anuj’s attention, he gives her medicine and water. Little Anu asks if Maaya is okay, calling her Maa/mother. Anupama is devastated by all this. Family members are sympathetic. Vanraj asks Aupama to bring more flowers. Anupama walks into a room and breaks down. She then thinks she shouldn’t cry and controls herself.

Kavya walked up to Anupama and they hugged. She enquired if she was alright, reminding her to stay that way. Anupama complimented the way Kavya looked, proud of her modelling career. Then Kavya revealed her aspiration of venturing behind the camera. Anupama asked if anything had gone wrong, but Kavya said no and confessed to having been jealous in the past, but now admiring her progress. She rejoiced in Anupama working with esteemed Malti Devi and encouraged her to move ahead without looking back. Anupama returned the advice, suggesting Kavya should also seek happiness and progress in life as well; she assured Anupama she would give it a try.

Kinjal calms Paakhi down after seeing Maaya and Barkha’s drama. She says she is sure Barkha invited Maaya to play a witch game. She says Maaya and Barkha are playing SMS games, and she is sure Barkha invited Maaya to play a witch game. Angry Little Anu ignores Anupama and calls Maaya maa, etc. Kinjal tries to calm her down. Dimpy passes by and enquires about what happened. Paakhi blames Dimpy for inviting Anuj and Maaya to hurt Anupama’s feelings. Dimpy passes by and asks what happened.

Their argument starts. Kinjal warns them to stop and disperses them. Vanraj warns Anuj to stop his new family drama or else he will get angry. Anuj says even he can get angry. Leela and Kanta discuss Anu’s pain. Dolly appears stressed while talking over the phone. Panditji asks the groom and bride’s parents to sit for pooja. Leela asks Anupama to sit with Vanraj and argues. In response, Anupama is told to sit with him only if she feels comfortable with him.


Anupama remembers Anuj taking her to Kapadia house when she was a child. Barkha says Anuj wants Dimpy’s bidaai to be held at Kapadia house.

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