Anupama 22nd April 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 22nd April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

As Anupama thinks about Anuj, she worries about facing him. Anuj also remembers Anupama. Anu calls about Anuj. She asks if he will meet Anupama. Anu asks Anuj why he was going secretly to meet Anupama. Anuj gazes at Maya.

In order to be able to come along, Anu pleads with Anuj for permission. Anu asks Anuj if she can come too. Maaya hopes Anu becomes adamant so she could come along with Anuj. Anuj convinces her she cannot come along because he is going for some important work. Anu understands. Maya wonders why Anu behaves so well and does not behave like a normal child.

Anu asks Anuj to give her love to Anupama. Maya asks Anuj if he will come back. Anuj says he is going for an important job. He is unsure of how long it will take. Maya informs Barkha of Anuj’s departure.

With Ankush and Adhik with her, Barkha gets ready for work. Paakhi gets ready too. Barkha asks Paakhi where she is going. Paakhi says she is coming to the office. Previously, Anuj and Anupama helped Barkha deal with Adhik, so she will help her this time around as well. Paakhi says the weather will change and Anuj and Anupama will be together. Barkha is shocked to hear Ankush calling Anuj at the same time as Anupama.

Paakhi tells Anupama about Barkha’s intention. Kanta and Bhavesh are stunned. Vanraj believes Anupama and Anuj’s separation is a sign God wants them to be together. Anuj gets restless thinking how he will answer Anupama’s question. He dreams of Anupama being around. Paakhi assures Anupama that Barkha will not take over the house and property.

Anupama says to Paakhi that the Kapadia house isn’t hers without Anuj. Paakhi asks Anupama to initiate the talk even if Anuj doesn’t. Kavya says Vanraj is worried because Anuj and Anupama are meeting today. Hasmuk prays they will get back together. Leela says Anupama should not forgive Anuj.

Anuj and Anupama cannot meet. Maya calls Barkha. Barkha ignores Maya’s call. She hatches a plan to separate them.


Anupama visits the office. Anuj feels Anupama’s presence.

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