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Meet Written Episode for 9th June 2023, Written Update for

Meet and Manmeet are in their room. Meet is attempting to persuade him to not go back to Sarkarpur, but Manmeet is worried about Raj’s potential admission to school. Being a wrestler, he fears that due to their family background, it may be challenging for him and Sumeet during the interview process. Meet snaps at him for thinking in such a way. Cheeku then enters with some questions and requests assistance from Meet in getting ready; he teaches him some basic questions regarding their parents’ names and birthdays.

Meanwhile, Mahendra proclaims that he has the right to succeed Sarkar due to being his eldest son. He announces that all traditions have been restored and orders the villagers to leave. Meet praises Manmeet’s responsibility and devotion as a parent, reminding him that their family need his help right now. However, Manmeet is confident in his siblings’ ability to take care of Sarkar. The latter, though, informs Mahendra that he has not given him permission to become the Sarkar. Mahendra then debates with him while trying to impose himself. Jasodha moves to slap him but Mahendra stops her and cautions her against meeting Sarkar again or else face dire consequences. Then, he locks her up in a room.

Mahendra and Sarkar begin the ritual of tattooing husbands’ names onto wives, Mahendra’s critical attitude toward women leads him to excite the villagers against them. Reiterating that no female shall be allowed to take control of society, he announces himself as the new ruler of Sarkarpur. Many dispute his directive as Sarkar is there in attendance, yet he insists that the latter too will second and agree with him. Recalling how Mahendra had earlier jail Jesodha and threatened him, tears roll down her face within her chamber. Manmeet and Meet come forth in a bid to stem off potential pandemonium.

Manmeet and Meet clamber onto the podium, clutching Sarkar. Mahendra enquires why Manmeet is there; he responds that it was merely to meet his father and he does not require a justification. Mahendra contends that Manmeet is overdue, and since Sarkar has already ordained him as the next headman, he ought to take his turban. But Meet interrupts, insisting that even though Manmeet is the elder son, Sarkar and the townsfolk should decide who wears the turban and succeeds him. Mahendra eventually concedes to engage in the ceremonial ceremony for finding out the successor of Sarkarpur.

Sarkar’s coughing continues, and Manmeet requests for water. Meet sets off to get some while Mahendra urges Sarkar to announce his successor, with Sarkar stating that the next leader should be able to manage its duties properly. Just as he says this, Sarkar notices Meet coming back with Jasodha and promptly announces that Meet Hooda will take on the role of the next Sarkar.

A flashback reveals how Sarkar had alerted Meet about Jasodha being in peril and sent him back home to rescue her from the room where Mahendra had locked her up. Jasodha explains to Meet how her uncle has become irrational due to hunger for power. His decision leaves everyone astounded.

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