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The Episode starts with Sayali and her friend talking. They have panipuri chaat. Sachin waits for Paresh. Paresh and everyone come to the function. Sachin is thrilled. He says my dad is a train pilot. He says the manager is coming with his wife. Kishor asks Sachin to check if anyone has delivered the garlands. The manager and his wife arrive. Kishor and Paresh thank Mr. Joy for coming. Kishor invites him to sit on the stage. Renu smiles at Mrs. Joy.

Sayali arrives to deliver the garlands, and Sachin reminds her that the function has already started. He asks for the garland, and she responds that she will give it to the person who paid her. Sachin insists that Kishor is his Kaka and should receive the garland. However, Sayali argues that Kishor eventually takes the garlands and hurries inside. Before leaving, Sayali makes a sarcastic remark towards Sachin.

Meanwhile, another man expressed excitement about the felicitation program honouring their talented and honest employee’s retirement today. Sachin cheers for Paresh as he receives praise from others. Mr Joy presents Paresh with a shawl and then requests Kishor to say a few words in Paresh’s honour. Renu asks if he will be giving a speech, to which Kishor responds that he is unsure what to say.

During Kishor’s speech, he praises Paresh’s honesty and dedication. He says Paresh has more time with his family now. Sachin and everyone clap, and the man asks the manager to go. After Kishor’s good speech, Mr. Joy says I have nothing to say, the work is not easy in the railway department, it is not easy to keep responsibility for people’s safety for 40 years. Could you give him a big round of applause?

He thanks Paresh and says I will always be your fan, I was your junior before, we have started this journey today, I studied further, and now I am standing in this position, but railways want more people like Paresh, if he had studied ahead, I wouldn’t have gone forward. He has sacrificed a lot and got dedicated to his work, he is an example for all loco pilots who are satisfied with their work. I am here because he is there; best wishes, Sachin gets angry. His friend stops him.

As Renu becomes angry, the man calls Paresh to talk. She said I came to the city for a job, my mother fed me curd and sugar, gave me a 10 rupee note and asked me to go home. Her faith inspired my selfless service, and I was satisfied. I safely connected the passengers with their families, and it is now time to return home, so I thank my friends and colleagues for all their support. The man cries and thanks everyone.

Sayali reported that Baadu had not returned home. Juhi commented that he was being spoiled. Eventually, Baadu arrived home, where he was scolded by Shubha but remained silent. Sachin served food to everyone, prompting Renu to criticize the poor arrangements and refuse to eat. Tejas reminded them they still had to eat, while Akash praised the delicious food and commended the organization. Paresh remarked on their tendency to argue even in this situation, then invited Renu to meet his senior manager. However, Renu declined, citing a past incident where his wife had insulted her 10 years ago. Paresh urged her to let go of grudges from the past and led her to meet them. Mrs. Joy made a joke at Renu’s expense, causing laughter between her and Paresh.

His friend stops Sachin from beating him. Mr. Joy scolds him and says he was in juvenile home, he will be imprisoned or hanged. Sachin goes to beat him. Paresh stops him. Sachin says he insulted you and Mum. Paresh says it’s my identity to be an engine driver, it’s not an insult, like you’re a taxi driver. He apologizes to Mrs Joy. I’ll call the police to keep Sachin in jail. Mrs Joy says Sachin should be behind bars.

Paresh says no, he is innocent. She says he is dangerous. Sachin says I don’t care. He threatens the police. Akash says they started it by publicly insulting you. Paresh says my sons are fools, so don’t call the police. I beg you. Sachin stops him. He says no matter what, you won’t bend down in front of anyone, even if I die. I’ll bury you if my dad gets insulted again, he says.


Sayali asks Sachin for a garland. He asks the pandit to perform pooja. Sachin breaks a coconut, and her dad gets hurt. Renu scolds Sachin, and he hurts her.

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