Udne Ki Aasha 26th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Sayali and Sachin’s New Challenges

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Sayali gets happy when the girls come to give her the flowers. She thanks them for the flowers. Paresh invites them to have tea. We do not get off from our stall work, but we are happy to see Sayali getting a nice house. They praised Sayali. Paresh says I know Sayali is good. Sayali says I told Shobha I would make the garlands.

Paresh says it’s good you want to help your family. Sayali thinks I would like to support my family. He says it’s our family now. As Renu enters the house, the girls leave. She says we are Sayali’s friends. Renu says how dare she call them home. She sees Sayali making garlands and becomes angry. Sayali says she is making these garlands for my stall. Paresh hears them argue.

I already told Tejas that I would work after marriage. Renu says you did not marry Tejas. Sayali defends herself. He says we will let Sachin know, and he won’t refuse her. Renu shouts. Paresh praises Sayali for her goodness. Renu asks Sayali to work at Shobha’s house. Paresh says we all have a right to this house. She says it’s my dad’s house, so I’ll decide what rights I have. Paresh and Renu argue.

Renu insults Sayali and walks away. Paresh suggests talking to Sachin instead, as he can explain the situation to Renu. He also advises Sayali to focus on her work and, if their friends bring flower baskets, she should ask them to keep them indoors. Sayali nods in agreement. Later, Paresh attempts to explain the situation to Renu, but she refuses to listen and starts shouting at Sayali. She blames Sayali for Tejas’ departure, causing Sayali to feel upset. Paresh interrupts them and reminds everyone that this is not the time for such discussions; Sachin has arrived, and they should focus on planning his Suhaagraat (wedding night). Renu questions why he is telling her this, and Paresh explains that Akash is not present and they need to make preparations themselves. However, Renu declines the idea.

Paresh says children will begin a new life. Renu taunts him about Sachin. He says I’m thinking good about them. You’re talking nonsense; you have a duty to your sons. Try to fulfill it. Paresh goes. Sayali goes to the room. Sachin sees her and hides in the bathroom. He asks her to pass the towel. After arguing with her, he leaves.

Sachin says it is my room, and ladies can’t come here. She says I have cleaned the room. He says I want my room messed up. They start arguing. She says she has been sent here to stay. Paresh calls Shakku and asks her to come home. He says I don’t want you in my room. Get out. Shakku asks if Renu called me. He says Sachin has returned, we have to do post marriage rituals, Renu refused to do it. Shakku says okay, I will come. He thanks her.

Sayali cuts the veggies while Shakku goes to meet Renu. She says Paresh has called me. Renu says no one cares about my Tejas. Shakku says he might enjoy his life, so prepare for Sachin and Sayali’s suhaagraat. Renu refuses. Shakku takes her with him. Renu taunts Sayali. He said I had to go to work. Paresh told him to rest at home, as he is now married. Sachin said he was going. Paresh said he would make arrangements for your suhaagraat.

Sachin insists, “I married Sayali for the sake of your honor. Please don’t involve me in this situation. Let me live my life.” Paresh questions, “Are you thinking clearly?” Renu chimes in, “He treats marriage like a game.” Paresh remains adamant that Sachin won’t leave. Sachin explains, “I need to earn money.” He makes a sarcastic remark about Tejas and continues, “You’re tired too. Akash is studying, and I have to support our family. I can’t risk losing my daily pick-up and drop-off job.” Paresh understands but still urges him to stay put. Sachin jokes, “Please, let me go!” Paresh relents, “Fine, but come back home soon.” Renu teases, “We know how and when he’ll return at night.” She bursts into laughter.


Sachin drinks. Sayali holds her head and scolds him. Sachin makes a boundary and says you shouldn’t care what I do.

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