Shiv Shakti (Zee) 7th December 2023 Written Episode: Rimjhim’s Heartbreaking Curse

Shiv Shakti

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Keertan pleads, “I can’t live without Rimjhim,” while Mandira forcefully pulls him away. Rimjhim then confides in Manorama, “You never stood up for me; instead, you always sided with this Shakti. She’s not even your real daughter.” Despite Manorama’s attempts to silence her, Rimjhim insists, “No, I must speak my mind today.” She turns to Shakti and says, “You snatched my love from me. I curse you never to find love or feel loved. You will constantly crave it, but it will always elude you. Whoever you marry will despise you, and you will be destined to a lonely life.”

As a sister, Chacha tells her to stop. As a sister, Rimjhim says I have always stood by her, but when the time came to repay, she did not. Manorama says she should shut up, but Rimjhim says you have done welfare by taking in this orphan, but you forgot about your daughter. Your motherly love had a right to me, and Shakti deserved your pity only as an orphan, but we took her into our family when she was just a filth and made her part of it.

Manorama slaps her. Rimjhim asks how dare you call her an orphan? When you were born, she was already in my arms. I am her mother. Don’t you dare call her an orphan? I think you have a right to this family and house, but Shakti and my love have a right to it, so you can’t take it from her. I have three children, and she is my daughter. Everyone knows that I have three children, and that will never change.

As Rimjhim claims, you only have two children. You have made me an orphan by taking her side, and you never stood up for me, so I am an orphan in reality. She goes to her room angry. Shakti begs her to listen to her, but Manorama tells her to leave her, saying that she should know that she is wrong. She asks her to get ready, and Shakti watches. Rimjhim cries in her room, remembering Keertan’s beg for her. She says that I will not let Shakti win.

You fooled Rimjhim so well, Mandira says to Keertan, and he says that she is so proud of him. Keertan says thanks for saving me from Rimjhim. Mandira says you will find everything soon. Keertan says you keep saying I’ll die. Is this a joke? Mandira says that’s psychology, and I’ll do anything to achieve what I want.

Rimjhim will die without you, but Shakti will stop him from dying, he is greedy for becoming our daughter in law. Now, we will hurt him and Shakti. I have already made them against each other. Keertan asks what will happen next. Mandira says Rimjhim will commit suicide. Keertan is shocked to hear that.

As Rimjhim is crying in her room, she recalls Keertan telling her he would die without her, and she says I love him so much, I will die without him, and maybe my family will realize how much we love each other once I die. After I die, we will become one.

Shiv comes to Mandira and Keertan and asks where they went. Mandira says she is sorry she accepted your proposal for Shakti, but she has tried to work it out. Shakti will not marry you now, so we need to convince our family. Shiv thinks he knew she wouldn’t marry me as she had promised. Keertan asks Mandira what game she’s playing. Mandira says to watch.

When Shakti asks Rimjhim to come for the pooja, Chacha says let her be. Rimjhim locks herself in a room and makes a noose around a fan to commit suicide.


During aarti, Shakti says to Chachaji, let’s call Didi. Manorama says to call her. Shakti asks her to open the door, but she tries to commit suicide.

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