Mangal Lakshmi 14th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Ishana’s Success & Lakshmi’s Struggles

Mangal Lakshmi

Mangal Lakshmi 14th April 2024 Written Episode Update on

Mangal notices Sonu’s missed calls and grows concerned for Lakshmi’s well-being. Shortly after, Kusum called to inform us that she had spoken to Adit, who would arrive soon. Upon his arrival, Adit inquires about Ishana’s whereabouts and the reason for Mangal’s visit. Mangal clarified that they had all tried contacting him earlier, but he was busy with a meeting. Adit questions why he wasn’t approached by Somaiya instead. In response, Mangal explained that she had also attempted to reach her but received no response. Adit dismisses the situation as their busy work schedules and asks about the outcome of their meeting with the Principal, assuming language barriers were involved in understanding the conversation.

It was Mangal who told me that Ishana was cheating in Hindi. Adit says what? She says Ishana will be suspended. Did you not even speak to them? You are just listening and didn’t defend her. You can’t do anything. What will I have to deal with alone? I will speak to her. Mangal says I talked to the Principal. I told her Ishana would not cheat. She prepared. I asked her to retake her test, which was even more difficult. Did you ask the school for a retest? You got her stuck.

As Mangal says, I trust my daughter. Adit says kids are scared. What if she fails? If she cheats, it will be proven. Why did you use your mind? Where is she? Mangal says she’s taking the test. Have faith, and she will pass. Adit says stop the filmy drama. She will be suspended if she doesn’t pass. She seemed ill and unable to study. She became afraid.

Ishana is accompanied by the teacher, who says Mrs. Mangal, you asked us to take the retest. Adi says she doesn’t understand. The teacher says your daughter did very well. You were right. Ishana did not cheat. She performed even better on the retest. She got full marks. The student who blamed her failed. She studied it all so she could not cheat—our mistake. We apologize. Mangal is pleased.

Although it happens, Adit says, “It’s okay, ma’am.” They thank Mangal. Ishana runs and hugs Adit instead of Mangal. Why did you not come earlier? I told them a lot that I didn’t cheat. He says I am so proud of you. My daughter can never cheat. She says I was scared when my mother came. The principal had to speak in Hindi. It wasn’t very comfortable. He hugs her and says, “I know.”.

Sonu calls Mangal again. He asks what happened. He tells her about the fast. Mangal is shocked. Gayatri tells Kusum about the engagement. Kusum wonders how you could do it. Did you forget what I said? I couldn’t stop it. Kusum says you got me in trouble as well. If Kusum asks her what she wants, she says I only want Karthik’s happiness. He loves Jia, and he can’t live without her. I cannot forget my mother-in-law’s curse. I am always afraid.

Baba accuses Lakshmi of being cursed, and Mangal intervenes. She embraces Lakshmi while Kusum expresses concern to Gayatri about Karthik choosing Jiya over kind-hearted Lakshmi. Gayatri admits her fondness for Lakshmi but feels helpless in the situation. Kusum reassures her that they will figure out a way to reject Jiya, and Gayatri must protect Karthik as a mother would. She believes Lakshmi is his ideal match, but Gayatri worries it is too late. Kusum remains positive, assuring her not to worry.

She asks Mangal what he is doing. Mangal says this is a fake baba. Get him out right now. She gives Lakshmi a towel. Mangal says to Shanti that he will call the police. The baba runs away. He says to Shanti that he didn’t expect this from her. See what you did. I’ll take care of Lakshmi. Lipika offers to make tea for her. She says, “This is too much, Mom.” Shanti says you have gone crazy in love with her. She has a curse on her.

Mangal questions, “Why not fast?” and adds, “Would you shave your head if that baba asked you to?” Lakshmi remains silent in response, refusing to defend herself or engage in the conversation. It’s important not to underestimate her strength – she’s battling against the entire world. I’ve decided that Lakshmi will come to my home with me. Curious, Lakshmi asks, “What?” and Mangal confirms, “Yes.” Nervously, Mangal inquires if Shanti plans to kick Lakshmi out. Assuring her that she doesn’t need to worry, Mangal takes Lakshmi with her despite her in-laws disliking her. However, Lakshmi hesitantly replies, “I can’t go, didi.” Not taking no for an answer, Mangal begins packing her bags and firmly states: “You’re coming with me.”

Mangal kindly offers food to Lakshmi and expresses concern, “You haven’t eaten anything.” Lakshmi responds, “I don’t feel comfortable here. This is your in-law’s place.” Kusum interjects, “Yes, you should return to your home then. You don’t belong here.” Do you only see this as Mangal’s in-law’s house and not her own? Just Adit’s house? We never include Mangal in our thoughts. She has no say here, right? She can’t bring anyone or make decisions. She is simply a worker here. We don’t consider her part of the family. Is that how you see it?

I know you consider her your daughter. You’re the best mother-in-law. Kusum says I will find a mother-in-law similar to you. Someone rings the bell in Jiya’s house. Jiya says these must be the crazy kids. She says I will throw water at them. The door opens, and Kusum is there. Jiya throws water at her. Kusum gets angry.

She says this is Karthik’s aunt. Jiya says I’m sorry. I thought it was the kids. She says it’s Karthik’s aunt. I’m sorry. She invites Kusum in. Her mom gives her a towel. Jiya’s mom says we’ve heard a lot about you from Karthik. Kusum says I’ve never heard of you. I’m glad you came here, Jiya says. The mom says so early. She says it’s 10, but it’s still early for some people. Jiya says I danced.

Lakshmi and Mangal prepare breakfast. Mangal says let’s dance. I dance alone. They dance together. Someone films them. Mangal is shocked.

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