Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th November 2023 Written Episode: Abhira’s Challenges and Akshara’s Dilemma

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He complains about the mosquitoes in the rooms to Abhira in the episode. She asks Armaan how she feels about the mosquitoes in the rooms. Abhira says you have come to stay in nature, enjoy the nature, have you followed the instructions and put the net windows, no, right, you file the mosquito case. Armaan asks how you would feel if I joked with you; you should be polite. She replies that I am courteous and would respond respectfully if a mosquito bites me at night. He says fine, I’ll come.

She says Raghu Kaka works here at night. He says you make an old man work. She says yes, his son and bahu ousted him, he works here and gets respect, he has asthma, tries to understand the other person’s point of view sometimes, sorry that your Dadi left the dinner. When Armaan walks out to the lawn, he stumbles. Ruhi pulls him, and they both fall. Kesariya…plays… They have an eye lock. She hands her hand, and he smiles and grabs it.

Ruhi inquires about his family. She mentions the recent dispute over cauliflower and finds his aunt’s question peculiar. Perhaps her attention was also directed towards him. He asks how she knows. She responds that it could also be her focus on him. They exchange smiles. As they sit down to chat, she remarks that he may have found his perfect match without realizing it. He questions if this is true, and she asks if he believes in the concept of a soul mate. He admits that he does now. The sun rises, signaling a new day.

Abhira sits working. She gets a kid’s family drawing and smiles. She says it’s good. The man gives medicines to Manish. Abhira says she will provide them. Akshara comes and explains that she shouldn’t offend the guests. Abhira argues. Akshara says you will know when you have a family; you must filter your words. You can’t do this in Sasural. Truth suits everyone, so you have to go to Sasural eventually.

Abhira will always tell the truth. Akshara says fine, I’m going. She asks how Abhira will handle relationships when she hasn’t seen them. Akshara gives the medicines. He goes to check the door. He sneezes and apologizes. The doctor doesn’t see anyone. Surekha asks if it’s a ghost. Ruhi says don’t scare me. Suwarna says ghost means past. Akshara hides from them and recalls family moments.

Seeing Manish, Akshara touches his feet. He looks around and shuts the door. He says he doesn’t know if we’ll meet any new or old relations. Akshara believes I won’t be able to meet them. She runs home and locks the door. Abhira runs out to ask what happened. Akshara says I won’t go in front of Manish, if he hears my name then… Abhira asks what happened. Akshara says nothing. We have a lot to do tomorrow. Abhira asks her to open the door.

Akshara’s tears welled up as she pleaded with her to leave. Abhira waited patiently outside the door while Surekha explained, surmising that it must have been some returning ghost causing all the commotion. In deep thought, Manish observed silently as Akshara finally opened the door. To her surprise, Abhira stumbled in and asked if Akshara had been crying all this time. Concerned, she asked her own question – had Abhira been sitting there all this time? Brushing off any further questions, Abhira suggested that she handle the Poddars and let Akshara deal with the Goenkas. Parnanu, whom she described as sweet, had assisted her in lighting the stove earlier; today was his birthday. As Akshara continued to cry, she insisted that Abhira stay away from the Goenkas and leave them to be handled by the staff.

Abhira is worried as she watches Manish and Armaan’s Dadi exchange greetings while meditating. They have a conversation and wish each other a happy birthday. Abhira believes that children learn from our actions, not words, and if we exhibit good values, they will, too. However, Manish feels like he is constantly being lectured. They both notice Ruhi and Abhira – with Manish smiling at Abhira’s clumsiness and Abhira smiling at Ruhi’s organized work. Later, Abhra teases Dadi about the food and signals to Manish for assistance. Meanwhile, Akshara is on a call requesting 3 days off from work, but her request gets denied by the other person on the line. In everything, Akshara notices Manish and Abhira together and realizes their friendship is growing stronger.


She says the family adopted you. Yuvraj says Aunty Ji, I am your would-be son-in-law. Akshara says no means no. He says I know how to turn no into yes.

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