Anupama 28th April 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 28th April 2023, Written Update on

By the time Little Anu returns from school, Pakhi will have been free. Little Anu agrees and asks Maaya if they should go. As Barkha is busy, she will ask the driver to drop Little Anu off. Little Anu leaves with the driver. Maaya’s phone rings. She thinks what’s the point?

It is Maaya’s turn to pick up her phone as Barkha must be panicking as her phone is off. They are always plotting, so Pakhi asks if she can’t talk in front of her. She tells Anuj that she wants to talk to him. Anuj asks if she has informed her family that she is here. Dimple walks in shouting that even Pakhi feels Anuj is not wrong, but they all want to prove him wrong. Leela asks Kinjal why Pakhi went to Anuj. Kinjal replies that Pakhi wants to reunite Anuj and Anupama.

After cancelling her wedding, Leela asks why she has come here. Dimple shouts at Samar asking why he has informed his family about their fight. Samar replies that if outsiders are important to her, his family is important to him. As Dimple says, they had already decided. Samar says Anuj won’t attend the wedding since he hurt his mother. She should decide whether the wedding is more important than Anuj Kapadia.

Pakhi gets Anupama’s call. She says she knew mummy would call. She picks up the phone and switches on the speaker. Anupama says hello Sweety, why was her phone off, if she is well. Pakhi says she is fine. Because Anupama has a joint account with Anuj and doesn’t want to touch that money, she wants all the necessary documentation from Anuj’s house to open a bank account for her new dance academy.

In Mumbai, Pakhi is at Anuj’s house, he is right in front of her, and the phone speaker is on. Anupama stands nervous, and Vanraj gets enraged hearing Anuj’s name. Leela says Anupama did so much for Dimple that even her own mother would not have done, and she is tolerating her nonsense based on her past.

In response to Dimpy’s question, Leela replies that she is explaining to her not to misuse Anupama’s goodness and not to take Anuj’s name in front of them; Anuj will not attend her grandson’s wedding; Dimpy should be grateful Samar still wants to marry her despite everything that’s happened; Anuj will not attend the wedding of her grandson; Dimpy should be thankful that Samar wants to marry her.

As much as Vanraj doesn’t like this marriage, he will attend for Samar’s happiness, and if Pakhi wants to invite Anuj even after that, the marriage will not take place.

Leela asks Dimple why she is dying to invite Anuj to her wedding. Dimple says she wants Anuj to perform her kanyadaan; the fact that Anuj hurt Anupama does not mean they can blame him; Anuj has done a lot of favours for them, saved Samar and Anupama’s lives, and even gave Samar a 10 lakh rupee loan.

Dimple asks what about the lives Anuj saved and even this house, will he get out of here? Vanraj says he will give Samar a 10 lakh rs cheque right now, which he can then return to Anuj. Dimple says that the house belongs to Anuj. Kinjal claims Anuj took that house in Anupama’s name, so will she get out of it now that Anupama has done so much for her?

Dimple says she doesn’t want to argue and wants to know if Anuj accepts her terms. Samar says he already answered her. Vanraj says Anuj’s chapter is closed in their lives. Anupama asks Pakhi why she went there, she should question Anuj as he is already tense. Anuj hears her weeping. Anupama tells her to return home safely.

Samar warns her not to misbehave with Kinjal. Dimple tells Samar she truly loves him and wants to marry him. Samar says Anuj has no right to attend their wedding. As Dimple points out, even Vanraj has no right to attend Samar’s wedding since Anuj left Anupama, but Samar cheated on her. Leela says she can’t compete with her argument and asks Dimple to get lost. Dimple leaves. Vanraj warns Samar not to marry Dimple.

In her statement, Leela says that she never liked Dimple for Samar and that Vanraj should throw 10 lakhs rs at Anuj. Kavya walks to them and starts clapping. Vanraj shouts at Kavya. Hasmukh tells him to be quiet. Pakhi says Anuj’s condition is similar to hers. Kuch Na Kaho.. song plays in the background. Anuj stands silent. Pakhi says she wants answers from him.

She asks Kavya to get cold coffee for them as their discussion will go long. Hasmukh warns Vanraj not to shout at Kavya and says Leela and Vanraj are unthankful. The cheap tricks will never work because Anuj and Anupama may not reunite or not, but Anupama will never return to Vanraj. They took Anuj’s favours and turned him into a villain, and now they want Anupama back in their lives.

No mother can think cheaper than her when she wants her married son to marry his ex-wife while his present wife is at home, she tells Leela. Hasmukh concurs.

It’s as if they are so blinded in their way that they forgot about Samar, Samar is devastated because of his broken marriage, and she knows why they want Anupama back. Kavya’s drama will continue, but Vanraj worries that Pakhi may bring Anuj back, so he thinks it doesn’t matter to her.

She says that Pakhi isn’t that sensible to convince Anuj, but only he can understand his anger, so she’s here to talk about her first love. In order to ask what happened to the love for which he struggled and suffered for so many years, she says she can’t be poetic like him.

Whenever happiness touches her, it runs away, so Maaya wonders why happiness can’t stay with her. Pakhi informs Anuj that Anupama is sad and asks him if he is happy here. Maaya walks over to them. When Anupama and Maaya can’t stop thinking about each other, Pakhi asks if she ever thinks Anuj will stop loving Anupama and start loving Maaya, has she ever seen even a ray of love in Anuj’s eyes?

In order to relive his memory, Anuj throws Anupama and his photos in front of him. At first, he hesitates to pick them up, but then picks them up teary-eyed. The eyes of Pakhi depict a sad story and say that this mistake is not Anupama’s; Maaya and Barkha are trying to separate them, he shouldn’t give them a chance to succeed; why doesn’t he accept Anu’s love for him?


Vanraj tells Anupama that Anuj will return soon and set things right between them because he loves her. Anupama rejoices at this news.


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