Anupama 18th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Anuj Confronts Anupama about Priorities

Anupama written update

Anupama 18th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Despite hearing Pari cry, Choti tells Anuj that her mother went with her. As a result of me pushing you back, the car would have become imbalanced had you come to the front. Choti replies, no, you saved them and let me die. Anupama says if you had come to the front, the car would have fallen into the valley. Choti asks her not to lie and says I know what happened there. Anupama says I’m your mother.

Choti says you are not my real Mummy, and Pari is your granddaughter. Malti Devi tells Choti is right. Anupama asks her not to interfere. Choti says you don’t love me, but love Pari, she has brought so many gifts for Pari, and just a book for me. She says she has saved Pari’s life first. Malti Devi says this is true. Anupama asks why you mixed poison into her mind, and Malti Devi says this is true. Anupama says you have also written this lie into her heart.

She asks why you are doing this. Malti says you didn’t think about your daughter; it isn’t my mistake. Anupama asks why I don’t think so. Anuj shouts enough and says I was silent there, and now I won’t be quiet. He asks Choti to go to her room and change and says Papa will arrive now. Anupama says Choti is not listening, but because of the situation, I had to get down to save Pari.

Anuj says I know that you can give your life for Choti. He says you are a good mother and will always be, but you are just a human, and sometimes a human’s heart can overpower him/her. He says Pari might have come first than Choti in this situation. He says you don’t understand this, but Choti felt this. He says you don’t realize it, but you all got saved. I always think about it, and he says if you could save one, you would have saved Pari.

Anupama was taken aback. She expressed her disappointment, stating that she always assumed you would understand her and never imagined having to explain herself. Anupama emphasized that only she knew the gravity of the situation and how it affected her. She recalled the terrifying moment when they were trapped in the car with Kinjal unconscious and both Choti and Pari crying. She regretfully mentioned that the car would have fallen off the road if she had put Choti in the front seat. Such a harrowing experience was something no mother should ever have to face, and Anupama reassured herself that she would have done anything to save both children from harm.

She mentions that although Choti is a child and is questioning me, you can’t possibly think that my husband Anuj would do such a thing. She wonders if I would have saved them or earned a certificate for my maternal affection. She questions the state of my destiny. She explains that people are praised for their deeds, but she has to justify hers. She firmly believes that a mother doesn’t distinguish between her children as they are all equal in her eyes. She acknowledges that you may doubt her but reassures everyone that she does not need validation. He clarifies that he did not question her motherly love.

Anupama inquires, “Then for what?” Anuj responds, acknowledging their 3-year relationship is overshadowed by the 26 years of her past with the Shahs. He expresses his concern that she prioritizes her relationship with them over theirs. Anuj understands that she has invested a significant amount of time and effort into her marriage to the Shahs and acknowledges that they have become like parents to her. He suggests that perhaps she feels bound to them, preventing her from fully committing to their relationship. Additionally, Anuj notes that while she may be accustomed to them, he wonders if they have also become used to her. He recognizes her sense of duty toward them and believes that she believes their problems cannot be solved without her presence there.

My wife says she has never drawn a line, but Anupama asks if you do. He says I used to ask you not to go, but supported you always, and I thought Choti and I would become your priority. Your mother and your bhabhi conspired against me, and he asks if you draw a line in front of them, even though you know that your mother is filling hatred with me and that your bhabhi conspired against me. She asked why the rules were there for my family but not for me.

Anuj agrees with you but mentions that you have overlooked one crucial detail. He reminds me that you introduced Malti Devi to us and insists that I pay my respects by touching her feet, although I still do not consider her a mother figure. He points out that your relationship with her is solely because of your actions. Anuj reveals that whenever he visited Malti Devi’s house, he would hear nothing but insults, taunts, and ridicule from the Shah family. He expresses his concerns about this “baggage” coming along with you after we married. Anuj questions whether you can honestly swear that you have never prioritized my relations over yours. He believes that deep down, you know this is not true and lists several times when you neglected my family in favor of the Shahs.

He reminds me that you often forget about our family and suggests that we should be the focus of your thoughts. He argues that as the eldest, he has the right to demand attention, so why should he have to compromise? He wonders when is enough and asks Anupama if she genuinely believes she neglects both him and Choti. Anjupama expresses her concern for the Shah family and insists on hearing his honest opinion. She reassures him that she is ready to listen. She inquires if he thinks she doesn’t prioritize Choti and himself. Anuj confirms his belief. The entire room falls into a stunned silence.


Five years later, Devika comes to Anupama’s door. She hugs her. Anupama asks Devika when she will live as the jogan. She says this is America’s work permit and tickets and that you will fly tomorrow. Anupama sits in the plane to fly to America.

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