Anupama 19th May 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 19th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

Vanraj tells Anupama that the son’s pooja is coming up, and if parents want to attend the pooja, they will. Leela is happy to hear this and asks Dimpy who will perform the pooja for her. Anuj says he will. Maaya sits with him for the pooja, leaving everyone enraged. Kanta says Vanraj and Anupama are sitting for pooja as Samar’s parents and Anuj as Dimpy’s father, with what right is Maa sitting for pooja?

Maaya tells Anuj that if he can’t speak, she will do so; they will stay together forever. Hasmukh says Maaya’s words didn’t hurt Anupama, but Anuj’s silence definitely did. Dolly asks if Anuj and Maaya are marrying; Maaya is shameless. Kavya and Kinjal think that Anuj is silent because of something for sure. When Anupama performs pooja, Maaya smiles and he performs pooja sadly.

Immediately following the pooja, Paakhi leaves for her friend’s wedding. Dimpy complains of Samar against Paakhi and says she argued with her and left without bothering about Samar. Samar states Paakhi has been sensitive since childhood and can’t see her mother’s pain. Dimpy says she won’t tolerate Paakhi’s nonsense, or in that Leela’s nonsense, or anyone’s nonsense. Kinjal also tells Anupama that Paakhi shouldn’t have left Samar’s wedding to attend her friend’s.

Anupama says Paakhi is not capable of handling all of this, so it’s not so easy for her. Samar, like a puppet boyfriend provoked by his dominating girlfriend, walks up to Anupama and complains that Paakhi plans on skipping her brother’s wedding. Paakhi loves him the most, but she can’t handle it all. Samar says he gets happy in everyone’s happiness, but nobody wants to be happy in his happiness; Dimpy says it’s better if he planned a court marriage, so he walks out storming.

Kinjal tells Anupama that Paakhi should not have left and Anuj acted inappropriately by bringing Maaya here. She implores her to talk to him, but Anupama doesn’t want to. She is confident that he will communicate with her soon. Samar believes Anuj wronged his mother, and he plans on demonstrating that she does not depend on him. He expresses his joy over all of them attending the wedding ceremony. His greatest happiness is reserved for his mum who has worked hard throughout her life and is now receiving the well-earned fruits of her labour; she has enrolled in revered Malti Devi’s gurukul and is moving to America. Consequently, she has proven that those who don’t deserve her should not be welcomed in her presence.

Hasmukh credits his daughter’s success to her hard work rather than good luck. Kinjal is all praise for her mom. Vanraj advises her to focus on the future and not dwell in the past. The family encourages Anupama to follow her dreams and assures her that they will manage everything for Samar’s wedding without any trouble. When asked if she’ll attend both wedding functions, Anupama affirms and mentions that this will be their last one as a family. Hasmukh states that it’s then decided that all the ceremonies would take place according to Anupama’s convenience; everyone agrees.

Leela suggests deliberating where to have the functions and inquires if Anuj and Maaya are well with the idea; Maaya proposes dividing each task between Shah and Kapadia houses, adding whether Maaya has any reluctance to visit the Kapadia mansion. Barkha quips that making it happen at the Kapadia mansion would be entertaining, but Kanta rebukes her. Yet, she clarifies that her words were in accordance with what Anuj desires– Dimpy’s bidaai ritual to take place at Kapadia mansion. Maaya divulges that Anupama tacitly embraces their proposal.

Leela declares that sangeet and haldi will take place at Shah House, while the wedding and bidaai will be hosted at Kapadia House. Hasmukh tells Kanta that whatever happened to Anupama has already passed and only good will come her way now. Kanta is appalled by Anuj’s actions of supporting Maaya and requests him never to show his face again. Hasmukh reassures them by saying he will talk to Anuj once the pooja is over. Maaya inquires about moving into the Kapadia Mansion straightaway, to which Anuj declines; claiming that the memories of Anupama still linger in there.


Anupama tells Anuj she knew he would want to speak to her. Maaya panics when she sees Anuj and Anupama gone.

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